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Jan 2005
"Vintage Catwalk"
Miss Kitty Lucky

About Miss Kitty Lucky
The daunting theme of this month's Month of Softies is "Vintage Catwalk." I
had a vague idea in my head, but finally sat down to work on it last night. I knew I wanted a svelte cat in a cocktail dress. While I was digging in the Abyss Closet, I came across this forgotten leopard print. Purr-fect.

She was actually super easy and quick. I drew her form in white tailor's pencil on black cotton. Made the ears, Sewed the ears into the front and back. Turned her right side out, painted on her face. Waited for her to dry, ironed her face. Stuffed her. Went to bed.

Today, I made the dress and choker. The dress is designed to mimic the shape of her ears. the two "ears" were sewn to a waistband. Then I cut a rectangle of fabric and pleated it. Ironed that and pinned it to the waistband. Sewed that up and sewed the side seam far enough to still get to over her hips (you can't see that, but she's curvalicious). Then I sewed the dress to her. Finished it off with the choker and the eight ball charm I had from yeeears ago. She stands a proud 20" tall.

Ta da!

I'm very pleased by her pose and her expression. And the dress is darn swank.

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