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Feb 2005
"Self-portrait of the Artist as a Young Child"

Brilliant theme from Claire. Instantly knew what I was going to do. Sometime last year, I was trolling old craft book at the public library. One on doll making had an odd little doll that caught my eye. A legless, tabletop doll with lots of pockets to hold sewing stuff, with a hook nose (of a hook and eye) and snap eyes. I loved that it was functional. (Gee, ever notice how fond I am of function?)

I took note of that design and I wanted to modify it. Still tabletop, still with pockets, but built to fit over a 28 oz can. Then you could put something heavy in the can to keep it stable.

When Claire's March theme came up, I knew it was time. And it would, as the theme implies, it'd be a self-portrait.

Not suprisingly, I was a super artsy kid. Drawing, sewing, cutting, pasting, drawing, sculpting, drawing and more drawing.

Proof. My all time favorite pic of myself as a child:

Drawing at my paternal grandparent's cabin near Spooner, Wisconsin. What was I? Five? Seven? I LOVE my right hand's index finger. Behold the concentration! Not much has changed. Still work in my pj's, still eat red licorice as fuel, still get in the zone.

Here's more about my childhood full o' art.

Lookin' very 70's. Full of supplies
Back fulla jumbo crayons. Admittedly, I didn't make the head of the pattern as wide as I wanted. This made me look like a bit of a pinhead. Thus, the big buns of hair to balance things out.
An applique on the pocket, made from an authentic 1970's pillowcase. Two oranges, also very much of the time. And although the shirt is made from a hand-me-down shirt from Pat, it's got one of my fave patterns, harlequin diamonds, and it's right the right colors with orange and dark brown.

p.s. I'm working on a pattern for folks to make their own tabletop doll. Contact me if you're interested to encourage me to get it done. :)

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