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Nov 2004
"An Accessoried Elephant"
Twisted Trunk Teeny
Tenny wasn't intended to have a twisted trunk, it just turned out that way. My friends at Thanksgiving, said that that's his best quality. I know it's because I freehanded the pieces, and he wasn't perfectly symetrical. So, a twisty trunk resulted.
Overhead, you can see the details of the costume. A common question, that pink plastic thing is a giant pink button I got off eBay.
About Teeny
Ok, I'm on the Loobylu's A Month of Softies bandwagon. The first assignment - an accessorized elephant. Last night, I got back from the DIY Trunk Show. Great show, followed by a great invitation to an early Thanksgiving dinner. I was just peopled out. So, I stayed home. After some food and rest I got the bug to make an accessorized elephant.

It started with extra yellow felt. Therefore, a yellow elephant. I winged the pattern, so far so good. The accessory is a big ornate "elephant saddle." I'm sure there's a real word for it. In the pic, the point pointing down will go on the elephant's forehead. I got on a roll making the saddle. I'm love, love, loving it.

Delightfully, the whole thing should be made with materials in the Brandyshpere - except needing more orange embroidery floss to stitch together the elephant. More to come. I'm trying to be patient, saving the work for craft night and my Thanksgiving car trip.

Indeed, the elephant was completed with everything out of the Brandysphere, saving fiberfill and more orange floss.

Finished Teeny is 10" tall, 7" wide and a foot long. He's super stuffed and solid; a good heft for an elephant.

The best part; the end. Very pinchable elephant tush.

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