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June 2003
Breathing Person
About the Pillows
Little Pillows
Last night I finished the Art of Living basic course. To oversimplify the course, it teaches you powerful (in Brandy vernacular: completely kick ass) breathing techniques and a whole lot more. Check out the site for more information. Our teacher, Tanuja, asked us to all bring a gift to Tuesday's last class. Monday night I started sketching an idea for a pillow on the train. Got home and refined the design.Then thought that I should make three of the gift - one to share with a classmate, one for Tanuja, and one for me to remember the experience. I started cutting felt and sewing pieces together. I added the "breath dots" before I went to bed. Woke up and added the sequins and sewed and stuffed the pillows. I wrapped two and headed to class.

We exchanged gifts and I peeked at who got my gift - Mina looked puzzled by it. After class, I gave the box to Tanuja. When she opened it she asked, "What is it?" I thought she was asking what it was made of, so I said, "felt." But Mina came up and asked too. Then I realized that both couldn't tell what it was, what was on it. I was so caught up in making them, that it totally threw me off. I sort of answered them briefly. I suppose pulling a strange little pillow out of a box was odd - and then to figure out what green and blue felt and white dots were making?

I designed it to be a body in a circle with the breath going through the body and surrounding the body. First, I picked green for the body because it was bright and non-race-specific, but then pairing it with the bright blue made the body look like land against water on the Earth. The body was put on a circle/oval to represent wholeness and the surrounding environment. The breath is represented with white dots that looped through the lungs, limbs and head. I added sequins to the corners just for pizzazz.

I hope that if Mina and Tanuja didn't see the shapes as images that they'll look again and think "aha!"
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