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Star Cat
Showing off the curly tail.

About Star Cat
My senior year at Grinnell, I made this cat. It's shirt is made from a pair of purple velvet pants. The stars are from an amazing egg yolk yellow bedspread I bought ages ago and have made a bunch of stuff from. The body is black cotton and the eyes are simple two hole buttons. I gave the cat to my good friend Aaron as a graduation gift.

I realized just how much Aaron appreciated the cat, when he first told me about his then girlfriend, now wife, Rebecca, saying, "and she likes the cat." A good sign.

When I went to Aaron and Rebecca's wedding in 2004, I arrived just in time for the rehearsal dinner. Rebecca introduced me to a table full of folks and added, "She made the cat." There was a collective "Oh!" This cat has had a whole happy life with Aaron since 1996.

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