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April 2006
Tassel Woman

About Tassel Woman
Did you know it is Use What You Have Month? It's a simple idea. Craft-wise, use what you have, NO news craft supply purchases for the month. A great idea, hard to do 100%. When I've done this on my own before, I've had to pick up a certain color of thread or glue or something. I'm going cold turkey this month. Heaven knows I've got a year's worth of supplies stockpiled here.

I had a set of 3 nesting dolls open on the floor, because I am a slob. At some point, I stepped on them and broke a couple pieces. I was looking at a remaining top of a doll, and realized that it would make a perfect tassle topper. With that, red fringe, a piece of black cord and a little paint...and you get a tassel woman.

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