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March 2005
Spring Finger Puppets

About the Puppets

Finger Puppet Army

Such a happy army.

posted on 3/15/2005 08:55:00 PM

Finger Puppet Factory
Saturday, I've got a new craft show. One Night Stand at Innjoy near Division and Damen here in Chicago. It's easy for me to do craft shows because I have more inventory than god. Nonetheless, I use every show as a deadline to make new stuff.

For this show, I'm working on finger puppets - Springtime cousins of these guys. And a couple new card designs. Here's the progress on the puppets:

Clockwise from upper left: Green/pink bears, orange/blue bears, White rabbits, yellow chickies, sunflowers and offwhite/pink bears. They need faces and the bears need pompom ears. Da color ain't great with the camera flash.

posted on 3/15/2005 06:43:00 PM

Finger Puppets Galore!
Felt = Joy. The ker-chunk of cutting it. The colors. The heft. These was SO much fun to make.

And here's the trio of bears, with the Green Bear, that couldn't fit on my 5-digit hand:

The chickies are about 2.5" tall, all the rest about 3". Bunny is taller with those fetching ears. Get yours for a mere $6 each. Orders by Friday should get to you in time for Eastering.

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