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characters created for LoobyLu's "Month of Softies" other characters made for
the heck of it.
Sep 2005
"Personal Challenge"
Aug 2005
"The Wild West"
Jul 2005
"Sock it to Me! - A World of Sock Monkeys"
Jun 2005
"June Bug"
May 2005
"May Flowers"
Apr 2005
"Recycled Monster Action"
Apr 2005
"Recycled Monster Action"
Mar 2005
Self-portrait of the Artist as a Young Child"
Feb 2005
"Alice in Wonderland"
Jan 2005
"Vintage Catwalk"
Dec 2004
"Holiday Hang-Ups"
Nov 2004
"An Accessoried Elephant"
Apr 2006
Tassel Woman
Aug 2005
Wooden Dolls
Apr 2005
Apr 2005
Plaid Madge
Mar 2005
Springy Finger Puppets
Nov 2004
Boxy Blue-Eyed Bears
Aug 2004
June 2003
Breathing Person
June 2003
Pink Squirrel
Star Cat
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