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to my site and I hope you enjoy your time.

I'm a lucky son-of-a-gun. I do my two favorite things for a living, thinking and drawing.

A couldn't put my New Year's resolution into words for 2011. Instead, I drew it:

This image really is reflecting this stunning year. Alternating between staying put in the now + moving forward and moving out in the world. Right now, this image is so very me.

My many modes:
graphic facilitator | artist | crafter | person | instigator

Graphic Facilitator
As a graphic facilitator, I create conceptual maps of conversations. These images help clients navigate the complex territory of their meetings, workshops, and conferences. I work in a large scale format and in real time, visually synthesizing the discussions.

If you're wondering what in the Sam Hill that means, watch this video:

I love getting clients' ideas out of their heads and onto paper – so they can see what the heck they are saying. Spatial superstar, my strength is seeing connections between thoughts and organizing them into the bigger picture. Since 1996, I have facilitated groups from two to one thousand in the biotechnology, consulting, education, finance, food, medical, technology, transportation and utilities industries.

Graphic facilitation at the book launch for From Workplace to Playspace: Innovating, Learning and Changing Through Dynamic Engagement by Pamela Meyer, Ph.D., April 2010.

YOUth Summit at Harold Washington Public Library, March 2010. Learn more about that Applause-O-Meter here. View many more pics of this event here.

I was a board member, conference speaker coordinator and volunteer for our professional organization, the International Forum of Visual Practitioners. I designed training in the skills of listening, organizing, synthesizing and drawing for those entering the field. I'm currently developing a set of video tutorials. The introductory one can be seen here. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to keep abreast of the training. My work has been published internationally and can be seen at

In April 2010, my work was published on the cover and in the page of Pamela Meyer's book From Workplace to Playspace: Innovating, Learning and Changing Through Dynamic Engagement. This work springs from a decade-long collaboration with Pamela. Find out more at   


As an artist, I mix drawing, collage and silkscreening. In 1996, I earned a BA in Studio Art from Grinnell College with a focus on intaglio printmaking. Now I create small editions of silkscreens with Print Gocco. In collage, I love making connections between scraps of paper and composing them into the bigger picture.   

I favor bright colors and bold lines in both work and wardrobe.


As a crafter, I used to make everything under the sun. Then my arms nearly fell off. Now I tend to stick to sewing. In quilting, I love sewing together scraps of fabric and composing them into the bigger picture. I also love making various soft characters.

I adore the low-brow craft triumverate of felt, sequins and glitter. I self-medicates with "craft therapy" making things like ornaments. I helped found the Chicago Craft Mafia and was a member 2005-2009.

For what it's worth, I'm not too bothered with distinguishing art from craft. Making stuff makes me happy.

I believe in the power of drawing as a thinking tool. Countless people have shared stories of where and when they were told they couldn't draw. Then they stopped. This breaks my heart. To mend my broken heart, I'm developing Please take a look.

If any of my work inspires you to create anything, I am THRILLED.

I have six tenets I live by:



In the spring of 1999, I launched to document all of my work: art, craft, graphic facilitation, digital photography and blogging. Since 2003, I've tracked over two million visitors to this website. I was an avid blogger from about 2000 to 2007. Then I got too darn busy to live my life and blog about my life. I now blog in fits and starts over here.

I love living in Chicago with a a very handsome cat named Gunther. I watch many, many movies, especially spy and heist flicks. I enjoy singing torchsongs loudly. I hope you're enjoying my site.

Please contact me with comments or questions.

I have a steadfast belief in DIY culture. I believe in learning with one's body, hands and eyes along with one's brain. Again, I think drawing is a fantastic thinking tool and I want to smack the parent or teacher who told you you couldn't draw. I think making, resusing and fixing stuff is way sexier than buying it.

I'm percolating on some offerings. Teaching folks what I know and love, helping folks learn, problem solve and communicate in new ways. I think that'll mean packages that include a mix of reading, listening and watching.

I've got the real high-class problem of too many ideas and too little time in my superfantastic graphic facilitation practice. If you want to stay tuned to what I've got cooking, please sign up for my newsletter. If you want to suggest something, contact me.

Thanks for reading, enjoy my site, go make something most excellent!

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