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How to Order from Loosetooth.com

Here's specifics on how to order from Brandy's site. If you have any questions, please email her.


Loosetooth.com = Brandy Agerbeck. I am the designer and creator of all of the items in the online store. I am the customer service department. I am the order fulfillment department. All in all, I try to offer options that deliver service and high quality goods to you while keeping my process as simple as I can for myself.

Payment Options
The preferred method of payment is by credit card through PayPal. I can only take credit card orders through PayPal. Those orders are usually shipped within 48 hours.
Check or Money Order
You can also pay by check or money order, but you'll have to contact me with what you'd like to order to get a total price and my mailing address. I'll put those items on hold when I receive your email. If I don't receive your check or money order in 10 days, the item will go back into inventory.
Orders paid for by money order are usually sent in 48 hours. Orders paid by check will be sent once the check have cleared.


Using PayPal
PayPal is the preferred payment method of Loosetooth.com. When placing items in your cart, a new window will open through PayPal. You can continue to add things to your cart and they'll be added in that second window. You will complete your order in that window, on PayPal's secure site. I receive a confirmation of your order immediately from PayPal, never seeing your credit card number.

If you don't have a PayPal account, it is easy and takes about 5 minutes. You'll need the account to purchase from me with credit card, but you'll also see that loads of eBay sellers prefer PayPal and there are growing numbers of small online business owners that build their sites using PayPal's shopping cart, versus more complicated and expensive options.

If you are a business owner and want to set up your own account and use their handy-dandy shopping cart buttons like I do, please click on the banner below. By clicking through and setting up an account, PayPal gives me a referral bonus, at no cost to you!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


Buying from CafePress
Items with this symbol are things I've designed and sell through my CafePress store. Clicking on those items will open a new window, containing a CafePress page. Those items are manufactured and shipped by CafePress. If you've ordered my items through CafePress and have a question about your order, please check "Your Account" on their site. CafePress can accommodate returns and exchanges.

If you'd like to start your own CafePress store, please click on this banner. Starting your store through my link will earn me a referral bonus, at no cost to you.
Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free


Shipping & Handling
I try to keep my Shipping & Handling structure simple and affordable. I recycle as many shipping materials as I can while still getting products to you safely!

Order Amount Shipping and Handling
$ 0.01 - 9.99 $ 1.99
$ 10.00 - 49.99 $ 3.99
$ 50.00 - 99.99 $ 5.99
> $100.00 FREE

I don't have priority or overnight shipping options with my shopping cart, but if you just have to have it fast, email me first to get a ETA of shipment and the cost. Then I can PayPal you the exact cost of special shipping. Please email me first, because I am a company-of-one and I can't always ship on a dime - but I'll accommodate what I can.


Returns & Exchanges
Returns: No returns. All sales are final.

Exchanges: I can take exchanges for wrong sizes, when other sizes are available. In those cases, buyer pays shipping on the second shipment and the exchanged item will be shipped out once the original item and shipping costs are receded.


International Orders
I'm happy to take International orders - if you're in one of the countries that PayPal serves. I'll only take non-US orders through PayPal. I'll have to charge you exact shipping costs to your country. So, go ahead and place your order, and I'll email with you with the additional cost to ship to you.


Custom Orders
You can ask, but in general I don't take custom orders for my products. I consider my freelance design business my custom/client work - and like my online store to be the place where I have the freedom of no custom requests.

I'm often asked if I'd make a bunch of something - like 200 wedding favors. I used to do more repetitive work, but my brain and body can't handle it so much anymore. Yes, I can watch a movie while doing that kind of work, but it's not nearly as much fun for me as designing and making something for the first time.

That said, you can ask, you may pique my interest. We may decide that you can hire me as a design to design a product that you or I manufacture.

Or I may be able to point your in the direction of someone who can do the work.


Wholesale Orders
Like custom orders, you can ask me about wholesale orders, but I'll likely say no. I built this site and store so that I can offer my work to individuals, and know that I am supporting a well-run business (me) and that I'm offering the good quality and service. Plus only selling retail allows me to keep the prices what I consider fair. I want the site and store to be the primary place to see and buy my work.

Again, you can ask and again you may pique my interest.


Thank you for reading. If you're got any additional questions or I'm missing something, please email me.

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