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Four Age Groups
industry/topic description group
time date
food & beverage graphic facilitation 60 4' x 6' each 20 m each 02.01

Here were rounds of data presentation on four different age groups. I think graphic facilitation works best with strategy, but here was a case of capturing basically lists of facts. These most resembled a mind map, a hub and spoke technique of capturing and organzing information. Although I was using these techniques before I had ever heard the term "mind map" or the name, Tony Buzan, it's creator, I think his book, The Mind Map book is a good introduction to organizing your ideas spatially using his technique very specifically.

Here's more images from the same session.

Graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck creates conceptual maps of conversations. Since 1996, her drawing and thinking skills have facilitated groups of 2 to 1000 across industries. Brandy's images help people navigate the complex world around them and bring clarity to their work.

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