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Less, More, New
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manufacturing summary graphic na 2'x2' each 1 day 07.04
Most often, I'm at an event and drawing real-time in front of the group participating, strategizing, brainstorming. In this case, the event was over and I was there to work with the man who design the event to create a summary graphic. That graphic would be used by the folks in the event to explain to the people not at the event what they were doing at the event.

So, the client wanted very little text. Normally, I use text and words together, to appeal to both the image oriented and the text oriented minds. Since this was going to be sent with a summary document to support it with the text for the text-focused folks, I was game.

Here are three details from the final image. Guess what each piece means and click on the image to jump down to the "answer key."







From bottom left: 1. Fighting fires  2. Creating obstacles  3. Pulling out your hair  
Not creating value  5. Blaming others

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From bottom left: 1. Walking the talk  2. Celebrating 3. Communicating 
More involvement 5. Can Do Attitude

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From bottom left: 1. Recognition 2. Seeing the whole picture 3. Awareness of strategic plan
Innovationt 5. Business Growth 6. Awareness of profit and loss

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Graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck creates conceptual maps of conversations. Since 1996, her drawing and thinking skills have facilitated groups of 2 to 1000 across industries. Brandy's images help people navigate the complex world around them and bring clarity to their work.

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