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    Welcome to my, Brandy Agerbeck's graphic facilitation lab. Why "lab" and not "blog"? Blog felt too serious, like I have to be an authority. While I have loads of experience, you can go to my portfolio to see my work. Here's where I play. Contact me with questions and suggestions. Here's the past archives.

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My Genius Friends
I know I'm just so "Brandy" that I can be a little predictable. That's 100% all right when I get HILARIOUS Facebook posts like this from my friend Josh Nathan. Last night I updated, "loosetooth's calendar and index cards (how she organizes a BIG chunk of her life) are in total disarray. Time to array."

Josh responded:
"I saw your update that your index card system is in disarray, so I thought I'd help. I think some of your cards got mixed up and fell onto the Internet. Happens all the time, I hear. I managed to recover one of your cards; I think it's a recent one."

I seriously can't remember the last time I laughed this hard. ROTFLMAO doesn't do it justice.

Why yes. I do have a sense of humor about myself. My ridiculous self.

posted on 4/06/2009 12:40:00 PM

President Obama's Inauguration Speech

This morning, I drew Obama's speech. The full image and story is here. Plus a PDF to print

Gunther, my cat, was a real pest this morning. I drew the speech on paper laid out on my worktable, not taped up to the wall. Gunther laid down several times on the nice smooth surface. I kept pushing him off. Then he climbed into the shelves that serve as a base to my worktable. Never saw that before:

Thank goodness my gigs are Gunther-free.

And check out the detail above. See the two arms with wrenches? It wasn't til I photographed the image that I realized that they look like tiny arms for the O. Fun, silly side effect.

posted on 1/20/2009 02:09:00 PM

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