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I met my cotton candy match at Zurich circus, December 2010

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Happily, this work was sparked by travel. First seeing a circus in Zurich in December 2010 and next visiting a toy museum in San Miguel de Allende in February 2011. Circus Conelli's one small ring overflowed with talent, skill and agility. I had difficulty with the Swiss German and relaxed into watching the body language of the performers and the explosion of laughter from the crowds. It was such a pleasure to watch the collective joy. In San Miguel, Museo La Esquina invited us to observe the "proportion and disproportion" of the toys. A great way to frame the exaggeration in some toys, the simplification in others. I've got a real soft spot for paper mache, paint, glitter and how much beauty can be made with simple materials.

I'm a lifelong drawer and wanted to celebrate drawing in this circus. In my professional work, as a graphic facilitator, I draw in front of large groups for a living. People approach me as if I'm magical, making these pictures appear on a blank sheet of paper. It's flattering, but I always remind folks it's a developed skill. It takes umpteen hours of practice to make the "show" look so easy. I'm thankful that I get to do what I love for a living, drawing, in both my professional and personal work. For me, my heart skips a beat making marks on paper.

I hope you'll enjoy this show and share the joy I feel for drawing, printmaking, mark making, the play of proportion and disproportion. All the work here was made with paper, pencil, pens, ink, scissors, glue, sequins and glitter (a circus needs sparkle) and a Print Gocco. Gocco is a Japanese silk-screening toy, based on the word gokko which means "make-believe play." Those materials, years of practice, some seriously fun work and a passion for drawing brought you this circus.


My Brandygram introducing the circus, June 30, 2011

    A bit about process
I am a firm believer the limits, constraints spark creativity. In this series parameters were:
1 3 weeks to execute (March 2011)
2 primary colors only
3 1 screen gocco prints + embellishments (i.e. no multiple screen prints with registration headaches, see 1)
4 editions of 30 prints

Other ideas within the wonderful, generative circus theme were to play with proportion, enjoy cut paper shapes, and burst/asterisk/radiating shapes that nod towards sparkle and shine.

To give myself some fodder, I printed my favorite burst pattern on primary color Lama Li Lokta paper. Ursus the Bear was the first finished print so I could make him my postcard mascot.

This is an uninked gocco screen. It's the clown's face. You can see the original drawing below the screen. The light gray lines on the screen are thin strips of ink blocking foam...
...that make it easy to place two colors side by side without the ink spreading into the wrong places. This is the way I could do multiple colors on one screen. This is the most elaborate case.
This is one busy, busy worktable. The Print Gocco is the light blue plastic device in the upper right corner. In the lower left is an earlier iteration of Uwe. He was the only one with a major iteration. And Hana the Elephant just gave me grief. Took three attempts to get the screens to print evenly. Everyone else went pretty darn smoothly.
I used a wire display rack to keep track of my progress on the prints. It was certainly a challenge to produce this work in 20 days. Sometimes I think I'm part machine. I totally go into The Zone. Post-zone, my body reminds me I'm a mere mortal.
Each print has some aspect of handwork. Some gluing or inking, sequins or cut paper. Here are the Padmas drying after the sequins were glued on.
Please click onthe circles below to see each print. Click on the show circle to see how I hung the pieces at Inkling.
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