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Showing the at Inkling

A enormous THANK YOU to Stephanie Keller of Inkling. Her invitation to show on her shop's gallery wall was the seed of this show. If you're looking for a seriously snazzy place to buy local work, handmade work go to Inkling at 2917 1/2 N Broadway, Chicago.

  Here's how I hung the show -  

Not shown online are the acrobats, who didn't get properly photographed before they were sold. They are one of kind pieces. I have a pile of male and female acrobats, so more may take the stage in the future...

The top hat I made to celebrate the opening.

The show was on Stephanie's birthday (bday girl on left) and Rose Lannin (red sweater) brought an Inkling logo-shaped cake for her birthday.

Thank you to Pamela Meyer, Carol Semrad & Sandra Soss for taking pictures at the opening.

Brandy & Pamela Meyer

Carol Semrad & Brandy    

Pamela & Carol bought these acrobats and the red silks. Thanks to them for snapping a far better pic than I had!
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