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The Graphic Facilitator's Guide: how to use your listening, thinking and drawing skills to make meaning

by Brandy Agerbeck $29.99 306 pages 6"x9" black and white ISBN: 0615591876

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Brandy Agerbeck has clocked her 10,000+ hours of mastery in the world of Graphic Facilitation and put together the definitive guide for anyone wanting to be a graphic facilitator or meeting maestro. Her writing style is as straight-shooting and fun as her meeting maps. She "chunks it down" on multiple levels that both novice and experienced practitioner can understand and appreciate.
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Of particular value is the glimpse into Brandy's head regarding synthesis and chart creation: there's a whole section on the different levels of synthesis one can apply to the same presentation...and it's elegant in its genius. If nothing else, the section on synthesis is worth buying the book right there. Except that the entire book is pure gold.
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This is a wonderfully practical and non-intimidating book for anyone who is interested in becoming (or becoming a better) graphic recorder. The book contains hundreds of tips for how to visually chunk information, write legibly and quickly, select colors and think of a general layout for your chart or map. Brandy is a leader in the field and it's a treat to get her perspective on the craft. I wish I'd had this when I started out!
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Table of Contents
The Role of Graphic Facilitator
Bringing Your Graphic Facilitation Skills into Other Roles
This is Your Guide
I Am Your Guide
How to Succeed with This Guide
The Powers of Graphic Facilitation

The Power of Being Listened To
The Power of Shared Understanding
The Power of Seeing & Touching

The Principles of Graphic Facilitation

Be Seen
It's Not About You
Content is King
Quick Like a Bunny
Process Over Product
Right Tools for the Job


Stop & Listen
Listen with Outsider Ears
Not All Speakers are Created Equal


Size of Ideas
Think in Levels
Shape of Conversation
Step Back & Look


Every Mark Has Meaning
The Essential Eight
Putting It Together


Practice Makes Progress
Build Your Visual Vocabulary
Challenge Yourself

In the Room

Your Presence is Powerful
Partner Up
Give Them the Markers

Now, Go Do Great Work!

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