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Kind words from my colleagues

"Beside the fact that Brandy is a very creative person, she’s that kind of professional that is a pleasure to work. From the business point of view, it’s important to have a partner who is used to working with schedules. Brandy is such a person – she’s always well prepared and she has always a bunch of good ideas in her backpack. And of course, she’s able to turn these ideas into awesome results. But I’m sure, that you already realized that."

Guido Neuland
Marketing & Sales Manager
Neuland GmbH & Co. KG


"Design, line, shape, structure, systems, synthesis. These are all words that come to mind when I think of the graphic facilitation, illustration and artwork of Brandy Agerbeck. All with a good dollop of humor, a distinctive style and point of view. Brandy is inquisitive, curious, pattern-seeking and productive. She wants to know how things work, and how they can be made to work better. She is warm hearted, clear headed, and has enough high wattage energy for three people!"

Emily Shepard
Graphic Facilitation & Illustration


"Synthesize…it’s an interesting word meaning to combine separate elements into a single, unified entity. Synthesis is also what is unique about Brandy Agerbeck’s work as a visual facilitator and thought leader. Spend some time with Brandy and you’ll walk away with pearls of information and insight which will challenge your current level of thinking and will then propel you to the next level in your own work."

Mary Stall
Organizational Effectiveness, Southern Methodist University


"Brandy inspires me. Regularly. And has since the first day I met her at an IFVP annual conference.

Her belief that 'content is king' is true, and contagious.

Her ability to complete a graphic recording as the speaker/session concludes - I so aspire to be able to do that!

Her amazing - and bold - use of colours, in her recording, illustrations, clothing - that inspires me.

Brandy's love of our craft and genuine desire to spread the word, share her experience and knowledge with others - that inspires me."

Lynn Carruthers, Graphic Recorder, Global Business Network, www.intro2gr.com


"The first time I saw Brandy's work, I was blown away by her unique ability to synthesize information. Her style and work reflect a professional who not just listens to the group, but HEARS the essence of what's being said. The resulting map illustrates flow and connections in the conversations that often is missed when Brandy's not around. Her work is stellar and I learn something new each time I watch her in action."

- Sophia Liang, Graphic Recorder, Graphic Footprints


Brandy the Ripplemaker
"In August 2009, I participated in an excellent Graphic Recording course at the IFVP in Montreal with Brandy as one of the instructors. Brandy is one of those teachers that you will never forget as they leave a lasting impression. Brandy is a performer who gently grabs your attention and playfully invites you into a creative wonderland where you can discover your own unique potential and possibilities."

- Michele Anderson, Business Visualization Consultant, SCOPE Management Consulting


"The multi-talented Brandy has been an inspiration to me since the day we’ve met. Her work as a Graphic Facilitator transcribes complex concepts and thoughts into powerful, beautiful and friendly images.

She has an unique, visionary, intriguing and organic way to record a session, conversations come alive through her neat, bold, bright colored, strong and tender drawings. I’ve seen Keynote speakers put on a big smile and be amazed by Brandy’s charts.

She also captures people’s energy and put it on drawings and words with meaning and strong sense of purpose and synthesis."

- Renatta Pastorino Algalarrondo, Graphic Recorder, Atrium Consultoria


"Brandy is a treasure trove of experience, knowledge and good clean fun. From the beginning of my journey in this field, her website has been a constant source of inspiration and learning. Thank you Brandy!"

- Claire Bronson, c2b visual thinking

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