2 Things

2 Things

2 Beautiful Things arrived last night.

The Tate monograph of their Aubrey Beardsley exhibit, sent to me by the dear and incomparable Caroline Chapple

I planned my whole Spring teaching tour around this exhibit. Beardsley drew a line like no other.

Uh, then the whole tour was postponed 6 days before my departure date, mid-March.

Somehow in my egotistical mind I held out hope that Tate would reschedule it. I know we all had plans and dreams paused, disrupted or destroyed by this pandemic. My museumgoing was a drop in the bucket. I really felt for the curators, scholars, collectors, everyone who poured their hours and energy into his largest show in 50 frickin years.

Caroline and I should have strolled the show together, fellow artists and line nerds. Enjoyed Pimms Cups afterwards.

My new studio has concrete floors. This is the studio found after The Giant Disruption Button stopped the hamster wheel I was hurling myself forward in.

Getting shoved off that hamster wheel was a very good thing.

I was scrambling towards the next course launch or teaching tour. Exhausted and perpetually behind.

So disruption was not a bad thing over here. I got to regroup.

I found this stellar space to build the new business model in. (Next weekend's ENVISION event is a cornerstone of that new model.) It has concrete floors.

For health and wanting a Mr. Roger's type transition into my workspace, I decided to succumb to Crocs.

Scoured site for THE pair.

✨GLITTER!✨ !!!

Now giddy about Crocs, not resigned.

Then they arrived.

Now, I assumed they'd be like jelly shoes from the 80s. Glitter encased in silicone or whatever exactly jelly shoes were made out of.


Thing #1 = where I was going.
Thing #2 = where I am now.

Extra fitting that they arrived after a joyous, full day working on ENVISION. Five days until we go LIVE.

I just typed "Five days until we go LOVE."

That too. ❤️

I will post a couple times, but I have shifted from marketing mode where I never feel like I can get my signal out loud enough or often enough through the noise. To design and facilitation mode.

Here, my signal is strong and clear.

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