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Public Health is a team sport! drawing Apr 17, 2020
A week or two ago (time means nothing now), I was percolating on the paradox...
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Populating The Agerbeck Method's Page agerbeck method drawing May 20, 2019

So much drawing last night! Working on improving my registration page for The...

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My teenage drawing style? Horror vacui. drawing May 19, 2016

An example of the excruciating detail of my teenage drawings. This was about...

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Cirque Des Puces drawing m2: proximity the idea shapers Jun 06, 2015

Total joy writing/drawing The Idea Shapers. This will be on the opening...

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Bali Ha'i may call you... drawing Jun 05, 2015

My friend Darlene shared a t-shirt drawing from our Fridley High School...

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Tattoo #2 drawing Apr 05, 2014

Above: Testing the design out on Thursday

Fifteen years after my first...

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Being : Doing drawing Feb 09, 2014

Friend Julie Gieseke leads in loving up ourselves in the month of...

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I ❤️Drawing drawing Jul 07, 2012

Ahhh, I feel better having brandy-fied my #WDS2012 badge.

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The Divot in My Shin That Taught Me to Say No drawing grinnell Apr 04, 2093

My friend Eileen Curley posted this photo of this shirt June 2015. It...

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