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Your 90 Day Visual Thinking Transformation
Comprehensive course for all types of visual thinkers

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Your Personal Visual Reset Button
Mini-course of 4 guided exercises for reflection and action

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The Definitive Guide on your GF Business
Comprehensive course on how to land projects and get into the room

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The Power of Paper and Pen to Create Positive Change
Comprehensive course on how to do great work in the room

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The Agerbeck Method
Your 90-day Visual Thinking Transformation


FROM: Aspiring, beginner or dabbler in visual thinking
TO: Skilled practitioner wielding lifelong spatial organization smarts and visual thinking technique

Can you tell this is Brandy's signature online course on Visual Thinking? She put her name on it. 

The Agerbeck Method is the ultimate instruction to learn visual thinking.

Built on the 24 idea shapers of her 2016 book, Brandy Agerbeck breaks down the complexity of visual thinking into instantly accessible video lessons.

Sequence is key in this course. We begin with early essentials and add more and more meaningful visual choices to your repertoire as your go. After "AgMe" your visual voice will sing! 

Invest in this course, give it time, focus and practice and you will have the indespensible skills of visual thinking for life.

Note: The Agerbeck Method is the companion course to The Idea Shapers book. This video-based course goes into demonstrations and detail the book can't, and the book is an essential reference. 


WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR: This course welcome anyone who is ready to invest in themselves and learn the lifelong superpower of visual thinking. 

You may choose to apply your skills to your own thinking, making drawings that are your first step in making great things happen. 

You may be someone who uses visual thinking in conversation, or with groups. 

Whether you're get paid to think visually, or use it personally, all are welcome in The Agerbeck Method.

WHEN: Start now! Log in 24/7/365. Lifetime access.

Ready to join a global community of visual thinkers from 43 countries? 

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Draw In Your New Year
Your Personal Visual Reset Button


FROM: Forgotten resolutions
TO: Clear vision for your year ahead

Brandy leads you through a series of guided visual thinking exercises to help you settle your mind, reflect on your recent experience, and create a clear path for your near future.

Each exercise is easy-to-draw, but packed with powerful personal insights.

The exercises can be completed in as little as two hours, but you can take all the time you need. Come back to Draw In Your New Year whenever you need to check in with yourself, where you are and what you want. 


WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR: Anyone who feels overwhelmed with projects, people and plans and need to reprioritize. Anyone who feels like they have lost themselves in busyness, and wants to slow down and check in with themselves. 

Note: This was originally designed at new years as an antidote to resolutions and list-making. Instead, this mini course (only takes a couple hours of quiet and focus) helps you reflect, make plans, and get in touch with your own Big Picture. 

It works any day of the year. 

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Want an immediate experience with visual thinking that sparks new insights into your life? 

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Graphic Facilitator Confidential
The Definitive Guide on the your GF Business


FROM: Uncertain freelancer who feels like a commodity  
TO: Invaluable, professional partner with solid, consistent business practices

Do you love being in the room, working as a graphic facilitator, but hate the work it takes to get into the room

Brandy Agerbeck pulls back the curtain on her 20+ year career as a professional and leader in the field. Brandy poured all her experience, tough-lessons-learned, and field-proven systems into Graphic Facilitator Confidential to help you:

  • Clear away confusion.
  • Get unstuck.
  • Make comparing yourself to colleagues a thing of the past
  • Carve out your unique career path.
  • Build a business that is a joy, not a burden.
  • Implement systems that keep working for you over and over.
  • Create the communication pieces that attract the clients you want. 
  • Make you an indispensable team member on events. 
  • deliver unsurpassed professionalism


WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR: For professional graphic recorders, graphic facilitators, scribes, visual practitioners of all kinds. 

Starting at square one? Or ready to jump from unpaid hopeful to legit paid professional? With GFC, you'll start strong, clear away confusion, and stave off overwhelm. Your graphic recording business blueprint

Some years under your belt, but business feels like a struggle? No more reinventing the wheel! You can use GFC to implement consistent systems and crystal-clear communications that improve every part of a project. The course will also help you reflect and focus on what you really want in your career. 

Even if you have a solid GF practice, GFC can help you refine your business and remove more friction from operations.

WHEN: Start now! Log in 24/7/365. Lifetime access.

Eager to strengthen and streamline your graphic facilitation business?

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Gold Star Graphic Facilitation
The Power of Paper and Pen to Create Positive Change


FROM: Just another GF with a roll of paper and markers 
TO: Vital resource to a group, mapping their process and outcomes

Whereas Graphic Facilitator Confidential (see above) is all about getting into the room, Gold Star Graphic Facilitation is all about when you are in the room, rocking your role.

This course is the online course companion to Brandy's 2012 book, The Graphic Facilitator's Guide, considered "the bible" in the field. Of course, in video lessons you see her in action and we can go into more depth.

Brandy delves into why our role is so powerful and our responsibilities to our clients. Gold Star Graphic Facilitation overflows with crucial guiding principles, tons of listening, thinking, and drawing skill-building, and the more elusive advice on how to be present, adaptable and professional with your clients.

Also available as live workshop.

Aspiring and beginner graphic facilitators who want both guiding principles to lead their practice, and concrete techniques to strengthen their skills. 

Also just as useful to those who may not hold the job title of graphic facilitator, but who want to visually capture the work they do, or their client's work. 

While designed for those who need to begin with a strong foundation in graphic facilitation, this course may also help practicing GFs get more grounded in their work and build on their experience.

Ready to embrace your role and excel as a graphic facilitator? 

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Upcoming Courses

Courses in development, with tentative launch times in the next 12-18 months. Signing up for the course updates you are most interested in helps Brandy prioritize her production calendar.

Shaping the Agenda
Prep call mastery for visual practitioners


FROM: Pre-project anxiety, confusion in the room, and more stress than ease
TO: A client/participant/visual practitioners TRIPLE WIN where everyone is prepared, responsive and happy. 

For over two decade's she's fielded questions from her colleagues or heard harrowing stories of projects gone wrong. When asked for advice, a loin's share of potential problems can be eliminated in the pre-event prep call with your client. 

To address this crucial step in any graphic facilitation project, Brandy created Shaping the Agenda. 

She covers the components of a quality prep call in Graphic Facilitator Confidential, but this deep dive course course allows for more details, and a clear guide on what to ask, how to answer, and how to prepare for a painless and productive event. 


WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: Graphic facilitators, graphic recorders, scribes, and other visual practitioners needing to improve everyone's experience live. 

WHEN: Tentatively Spring 2020

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First Rate Flipcharts
Master the Craft + Capture of Meetings


FROM: Aimless events with unclear objectives, wiley agendas & uncertain next steps
TO: Mastering the 10 crucial flipcharts that take your meeting from meh to masterful.

The humble conference room staple — the flipchart — is the key to unlocking the untapped talent of your team and making the most of your time together. 

Not only does Brandy shows you step-by-step what to draw, she divulges all her best practices in how to use each one and why every single flipchart is critical to your meeting’s success.

Note: This workshop is not artsy-fartsy flipcharts facelifts. These 10 proven formats are GAMECHANGERS. Spread this approach throughout your organization to change meeting culture forever.

Also available as live workshop.

WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: Internal managers, project leaders, meeting facilitators and those need to make the very best use of face-to-face time in your organization.

Those who are sick of sucky meetings.

For external facilitators, consultants, and visual practitioners who want to deliver best-in-class visual tools to improve their clients' meeting experience. 

WHEN: Early 2021



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Future Courses

These topics continue Brandy's comprehensive visual thinking resources. No fixed launch dates, but your interest and sign ups help Brandy prioritize what gets developed next. 

Pyramid Power
Scale + Hierarchy


FROM: Scattered “popcorn” drawings without organization
TO: Logical levels in your drawings that power up meaning making

WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: Anyone who needs well-organized and clear content. From writing and speaking, to strong study skills, to tackling complex projects and problems. 

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Spectrum Savvy
Color Theory Made Easy


FROM: “Clown barf” – too much color, not enough meaning 
TO: Sharp color smarts for clear & beautiful idea shaping

WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: For all types and stripes of visual thinkers who want to grasp and master this crucial element in visual intelligence.

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Stellar Stickies
Visual Brainstorming + Collaboration


FROM: Sloppy meeting process that wastes time, leaks energy and loses ideas
TO: Sophisticated use of sticky notes for next-level productivity and collaboration made concrete

Also available as live workshop.

WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: Group team members ready to get lots of ideas out of your heads, up on the walls, and organized fast.

Also useful for individuals working on complex projects ready to wrangle the pieces into shape.

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Visual Listening
Listening Skills


FROM:  Lousy listening; Ephemeral conversations lost to time and memory
TO: Time spent together made powerful through acute and active listening

Also available as live workshop.

WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: Those of us who know that being an excellent listener  makes us quicker learners, clearer thinkers, better collaborators, more valuable team members, and more connected to those we love. 



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