This is your year to make visual thinking your lifelong skill. 


You, me, and AgMe. 2022 is your year to master visual thinking.

Starting January 2022, I'm leading a cohort of global visual thinkers through my signature online course, The Agerbeck Method, nicknamed AgMe, with live grouping coaching calls. Every four weeks we meet via Zoom for an energizing session focused on one major facet of visual thinking. 

These calls are a big, beautiful BONUS for anyone in both The Agerbeck Method course and my membership community Loosetooth Studio. I'm experimenting with this format and offering it as a complementary feature to your visual thinking success path.

I want this year to be your year to make visual thinking your lifelong tool for:

  • getting clarity for yourself
  • reflecting on experiences
  • communicating clearly
  • thinking critically 
  • tackling complexity
  • transforming learning into knowledge
  • making decisions more easily
  • planning your Next Big Thing
  • processing all the little things life brings

And my #1 reason for picking up paper and pen -- 

  • reducing overwhelm

Dates for our 2022 Cohort:

Our calls are every 4 weeks on Fridays, from 11:00 am to noon, Chicago time. Morning/midday in the Americas, an evening Smarty Party in Europe. See what this looks like in your time zone.

Let's go!
January 14 

Module 1
February 4 

Module 2
March 4

Module 3
April 1

Module 4
April 29

Module 5
May 27

Module 6
June 24

Module 7
July 22

Module 8
August 19

Module 9
Sept 16

How much time will this take?  

Like anything, what you put in is what you get out of the experience. Our group coaching calls are timed to easily fit 10 lessons over 4 weeks. 

Your time investment has 4 components:

  1. The video lessons
  2. Practicing what you learned
  3. Our live calls
  4. Time in the community


The Video Lessons
2 hours per module
The total video content in The Agerbeck Method is just over 20 hours. Most lessons are between 10 and 20 minutes. A handful hit the 40-minute mark.

Practicing What You've Learned
3-5 hours per module
Each lesson has a suggested Practice Builder. Any time spent practicing what you just watched and heard is make makes this learning stick. 

Our Live Calls
1-2 hours per module
Our calls are 1 hour long. If you can, I recommend scheduling an additional 30-60 minutes if we go over, and to take notes for yourself to integrate what you learned on the call. 

Time in the Community
3 hours per module
In the AgMe space in Loosetooth Studio, you can post your progress, chat with others, and schedule coworking sessions. You also get access to all of the studio perks like our monthly themes and inspiration.

Who is The Agerbeck Method for?   

I create all my resources for these 5 types of visual thinkers: 

You are motivated by self-awareness, growth and accomplishment.

High achievers, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Small Business Owners, Bullet Journalers

You are motivated by getting your message out into the world and understood.

Writers, Speakers, Leaders, Teachers, Students, Influencers

You are motivated by creating clarity within complexity.

Analysts, Directors, Systems Thinkers, Strategists, Researchers, Project Managers, Information Architects, User Experience Professionals  

You are motivated by the pursuit of knowledge and skill building.

Life-long Learners, Students, Educators, Librarians, Trainers, Learning Professionals

You are motivated by helping people make positive change.

Facilitators, Change Management Consultants, Graphic Facilitators, Graphic Recorders, Change Agents, Therapists, Counselors, Game Changers, Agile Practitioners, Scrum Masters

I have yet to meet someone who is only one of the types above. Paper, pens, and these techniques work for so many aspects of our lives. 


Is your Inner Critic already talking you out of joining me? Hit pause on them, and play on this video.


How much does this cost? 

The BONUS of these live calls is available to everyone who is both registered in The Agerbeck Method and a member of Loosetooth Studio

If you are already in The Agerbeck Method and a member in Loosetooth Studio, you are all set! Just mark your calendar with the dates above. 

If you are already in The Agerbeck Method, but not in Loosetooth Studio, join any of the membership tiers:

Tier 1: Studio is $37/month or $370/year

Tier 2: Studio+ is $97/month or $970/year

Tier 3: Camp Drawmore is $297/month or $2970/year

Once you are in Loosetooth Studio, request access to the AgMe circle. 

Click here for the benefits of each membership tier.

Are you a Studio mate, but not yet registered for The Agerbeck Method? Register for my signature course for $997 or 3 payments of $359

New to both? ✨WELCOME!

This is the perfect time to join.

Registration for The Agerbeck Method is $997 or three payments of $359. Studio membership fees vary by tier. The most affordable option is to pay for AgMe in full with an annual membership payment. An annual membership payment for in Camp Drawmore includes AgMe!

Ready and rarin' to go? click on one of these options to register for both the course and join the membership.

Looking for smaller payments?

I recommend registering for The Agerbeck Method and your membership separately to choose what works best for your budget. 

We begin in









Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hey Lady, I am new here. What the heck is The Agerbeck Method? What is Loosetooth Studio?

A: The Agerbeck Method is my signature visual thinking course. You receive 90 video lessons over 90 days with lifetime access. These lessons are organized in 9 modules, each one covering a major component in visual thinking. All of the details are here.

Loosetooth Studio is my online membership community. There are 3 tiers available: Studio, Studio+, and Camp Drawmore. Plenty of details on my membership page. 

Q: I'm not sure I have enough experience for The Agerbeck Method. Will I feel out of place? 

A: The Agerbeck Method is designed to meet you exactly where you are. We ALL have room to grow and explore. 

On the calls, NEVER be shy about asking questions. We all learn from each other. A new person's question helps shake experience people out of their ruts. Hearing more experienced questions shows you what you will grow into. 

If you are new to visual thinking, you have a clear path ahead of you. 

If you have some experience, AgMe will fill in the gaps in your knowledge and strengthen your skills.

At all experience levels you are learning a systematic set of tools to use for life. 


Q: How visual is this? Do I need to know how to draw??

A: No, no drawing experience is necessary.

Brandy teaches visual THINKING. You can be an incredible visual thinker with no more than writing and drawing shapes and lines.  

Q: What if I can't join you on the live calls? 

A: Every session will be recorded and added to the AgMe space in Loosetooth Studio. When the next cohort begins, the 2022 videos will be cleared.

Q: I have another question, where can I get an answer? 

A: Click on over to Brandy's  Contact Page to get her email and ask away!

About your instructor

Global visual thinking pioneer Brandy Agerbeck teaches you how to reclaim drawing as your best thinking tool so you can see and shape your life and your work in new ways.

In 2016, Brandy published The Idea Shapers: the power of putting your thinking in your own hands, an approachable and engaging visual thinking guide based on her 2013 TEDx Talk, Shape Your Thinking.

Teaching online through video, live virtually, and in-person, Brandy is a “triple threat” of world-class expert, top-notch trainer and seamless facilitator.

Want to learn more about Brandy? Click here.