The Trio
Neuland Mini Workshop at EuViz 2018

The Trio

Neuland Mini Workshop at EuViz 2018

by Brandy Agerbeck,

Neuland invited me to lead a fifteen minute mini-workshop at EuViz 2018 in Rungsted, Denmark. I chose The Trio, one of 24 visual thinking concepts in The Idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking into your own hands

As an aside, I was wrecked health-wise, sadly making this much-anticipation conference a bit of a blur.

When I work live, I always mention that while I have a great spatial awareness, I don't share that kind of ease with time. Space I got down. Time I do not. 

Still, I ended up finishing my mini-workshop, seamlessly, ON the 15 minute mark. 

At first that felt like a marvel, given that I felt like a lump of crud.

Then I realized that EuViz was my first time away in months of recording video lesson in the studio for The Agerbeck Method. When I say "practice makes progress," this is a perfect example. I had the practice of demonstrating in my bones at that point. Even though I was looking at humans and not my camera lens, I was still able to deliver. I tell ya, practice work. 


You can learn more about The Trio in:

Photo by Orest Tabaka

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