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Tired of reinventing the wheel with every new graphic facilitation project?

Wondering why everyone ELSE seems to have the sexy gigs in exotic locales, when you're working in a windowless hotel ballroom AGAIN?

Love the work in the room with clients, but selling yourself? 

Join an accomplished professional here to help you clear away confusion, wipe out hype, and give you a clear blueprint to build your own streamlined, lucrative, and satisfying business in —

Want to solve your professional struggles?

Watch this video to see all the topics and questions covered in this comprehensive online course all about the BUSINESS SIDE of graphic facilitation.


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Transform your Graphic Facilitation Business with these 5 Focus Areas

Graphic Facilitator Confidential is a 5 module online course focusing on the business of graphic facilitation. This course is designed to help you start, build or strengthen your practice. Each modules focuses on one aspect of your business. Here are the five modules and topics within each one:


Simplified guide to what to do FIRST, and where to go next. This is the antidote to spinning your wheels early in your business.

Video 1 | Intro to Module 1     

Video 2 | Packing Your Practice

Video 3 | The 3 Essential Things to get started

Video 4 | Your Website

Video 5 | The Role of Geography in Your Practice

How to market your work to anyone. Concrete tips on HOW to describe your work, to WHOM and WHAT your future clients need to know to hire YOU.

Video 1 | Introduction to Module 2

Video 2 | Meet Johnny Appleseed

Video 3 | SMonster – Social Media Monster

Video 4 | Client Questions and How to Answer Them

Video 5 | Client Said YES! Now What’s Next?!

Life on the road, your wellness and growth, and planning your long-term career without burnout.

Video 1 | Intro to Module 3     

Video 2 | Prepping for Your Project

Video 3 | Traveling Well

Video 4 | Making Your Hotel Room Home

Video 5 | Your Reset Button

Video 6 | The Life Cycle of the GF

Video 7 | Your Professional Development

The wider terrain of the work, helping to navigate the good and bad of our colleagues and finding your happy place in the field.

Video 1 | Introduction to Module 4  

Video 2 | Forging your own path

Video 3 | Defining Success for Yourself

Video 4 | Differentiating Yourself

Video 5 | Lay of the Land

Video 6 | Professional Ethics

Anticipating your client's and participants' needs and making yourself a trusted partner through the project through crystal clear communications.

Video 1 | Introduction to Module 5  

Video 2 | Touchpoint 1: A Positive First Impression

Video 3 | Touchpoint 2: New Client Lead

Video 4 | Touchpoint 3Landing the Project

Video 5 | Touchpoint 4: In the Room

Video 6 | Touchpoint 5: Project Wrap Up

Video 7 | Final thoughts and Your Keys to Success

Graphic Facilitator Confidential  1.0 Archive

I've bundled up all of the videos of the 2017 pilot program and am sharing them with you for free. Six more hours of guidance, tips, stories, all reinforcing what's you are learning and doing in the course.


Course Qualities

📱  Easy Access
Login and watch this video-based course from phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

👉 Self-guided
Take this course at your own pace. Lessons will be released over the 90 days (not all at once), but you set your speed for watching and practicing.

⏲️ Access any time
Choose the time that works for your schedule. Course is available 24/7/365.

✏️ No special tools
You only need a device to watch from, blank paper and a few pens to complete this course.

⏳ Lifetime access
Once purchased, the course stays in your personal library. 

💎 Repeatable
Easy processes that you can return to again and again.

Here Brandy describes the shape of the course overall, the five modules and the lessons within each one.


Who is Graphic Facilitator Confidential for?

Dreaming of being a graphic facilitator “when you grow up” but you don’t know where to start

Volunteering as a graphic facilitator, but ready to make this work your paid profession

Beginning your professional practice, eager for a clear path that gives you traction vs. spinning your wheels

You are working and getting paid, but sense you can use more systems in place to make your practice more consistent and professional.

You’ve got a solid or mature practice, but you’re always looking to refine and improve. Or you just need a new jolt of energy in your business.

Who is GFC NOT for?

Those looking for a quick fix, cookie cutter approach or easy answers. As I’ve said in the videos, there is no one right answer. While I lend my experience and facilitation to lead your through this process, you need to make the choices that are right for you.

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I offer a 30-day, "no-quibble" guarantee.

Contact me within 30 days of registering. I'll revoke your access to COURSE NAME  and refund you fully. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. It is not ethical to give legal advice or hand over templates. I don’t know the specific laws and norms of your country, region, or the industries you work with. Also, I think it is vital that every business person has clarity and control in their contracts and communications. You need to be well informed and to stand behind what you put out there. In this case, I am happy to “teach a man to fish,” but I won’t give you a fish.

A: The core of each lesson is a video that you watch from your browser. This learning platform is optimized both for computer viewing and watching from your phone.

Log into your account at and click into The Agerbeck Method.  As long as you can stream these short videos and you have paper and pen, you are good to go. 

Some lessons have supplemental PDFs or audio files through the course. The ability to print the PDFs is useful, but not crucial to your success. 

A: No worries. You have all the time you need.

While the course will be released module-by-module over five weeks, you are granted lifetime access. 

Take the course at the pace that works for you. And you're welcome to rewatch lessons any time. 

A: There are 30 videos in this course, between 20 minutes long to an hour. 

A few tips:

  • Schedule time to focus. It is so easy to start strong and then fade in your progress. Putting your growth on your calender is a key to success.
  • Register with 1, 2, or 3 people to join you creating a built-in team. (And gives you greats discounts!) Many learners have said their commitment to their accountability buddies has been vital to keeping on track.
  • Rather than binge-watching the lessons, I recommend watching one video and then putting it immediately into practice. Then move on to the next. This approach will make you an active learner, leading to growth; versus a passive viewer who puts in time, but doesn't get results.
  • If life's other demands get in the way, feel NO guilt. You're welcome back to the course any time. Don't let feeling bad about your absence or guilt about not acting on this investment push you farther away. I don't "keep dibs" on anyone, and it's not as if you are keeping anyone waiting. Come on back when you're ready.

Again, upon registration, you have lifetime access to the course. Take in the lessons and build your skills at your own pace.

A: I do indeed. Click here for the 3-payment plan. You'll be charged $697 today. A second automatic payment of $697 will occur 30 days from now. Your final automatic payment of $697 will occur 60 days from now. Your total registration cost will be $2091.

A: No, this is a course focused on your professional life, business systems and communications. If not you're beginning, growing, strengthening, or refining your business, keep moving. 

If you are a visual practitioner, but don't call yourself a "GF" specifically, yes. This course is for all independent visual practitioners.

Now, if you are not a graphic facilitator, but you do have a service-focused, project-led,  business, you can adapt tons of knowledge from this course into your professional work. 

A: If you already find your graphic facilitation business seamless and easy, peasy, lemon squeezy, yes. You may not need this course. 

If you dread the admin side of your business, feel like you're not on the same frequency with your clients, if you're hunting down payments, if you feel friction in your business system, join me. 

A: I offer a 30-day, "no-quibble" guarantee. Just contact me and let me know within 30 days of registering. I'll revoke your access to the course and refund you fully. 

A: Of course! If any of your questions left unanswered, Please contact Brandy and ask.

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