Visual Thinking Made Simple

Brandy Agerbeck wants you to feel how productive and satisfying it is to put your thinking into your own hands. 

On this page, she walks you through a model, the triangular drawing you'll see below, describing 4 levels of resources she offers to make visual thinking simple.

 It all starts with you and what you need and want to do.

You may be looking for how to solve a very specific problem. Level 1 can help get you unstuck and making progress on your goal.

If you are curious whether visual thinking is even for you, Level 2 helps you understand what it is, what mental blocks may be getting in your way, and a brief overview of visual thinking's very learnable pieces. 

If you know you want to become a stronger visual thinker, Levels 3 and 4 are for you. 

As you scroll, you'll see as you move up in the model, your knowledge and abilities expand. 

The stronger visual thinker you are, the:

  • Faster you can tap into flow state and focus.

  • Better skills you have in organizing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

  • Greater your ability to use your visual thinking skills to help others.

  • Increased agility you have to use visual thinking in all corners of your life.

  • Less confusion, friction, or overwhelm you feel day-to-day.

  • More effortlessly you solve problems, the more clearly you communicate, the easier it is to think critically and creatively.  

Level 1: Guided Exercises

Life Shapers

If you are looking for immediate tools to make your life and work less overwhelming and more clear, look to the life shapers!

A life shaper is a guided exercise Brandy leads you through via video helping you working out a current problem you have. 

For example, if you were feeling like you were overcommitted to other people and trying to reclaim your time, making a 'social map' could help. 

In Life Shaper: Social Map, Brandy leads you through how to get all of the people, communities and organizations you are connected with out on paper. 

By making these connections, disconnections, and commitment visible and tangible, you can see who is most important to you, where your time goes, and what may need to change. 

Every life shaper is crafted from Brandy's personal and professional experience and designed to become a useful tool you can use again and again.

  • Time & space to focus on your specific challenge 
  • Get unstuck, get clarity, and move forward
  • Repeatable processes with simple materials 


View All Life Shapers

If a life shaper helps you get unstuck and get going again, fantastic!

A life shaper gives you a tool to help you today, tackling a specific challenge. 

If you are looking to learn visual thinking to use any day and for any challenge, keep scrolling. 

Our next level is your bridge.

Level 2: One Hour Intro

Visual Thinking 101

For years, Brandy balked at creating an introductory visual thinking course. There is no shortcut in developing this rich, powerful skillset. She'd say, "I can't teach you visual thinking in an hour!" 

Finally, one day she flipped the idea — what if she had one hour of your attention? What would she teach you?

That is Visual Thinking 101.  This is a one-hour video session to:

  • See how visual thinking can reach all corners of your life
  • Clear away your mental blocks
  • Learn the very first steps to shift your thinking from linear to spatial
  • Introduce you to the 9 Elements of Visual Thinking


Take Visual Thinking 101

Visual Thinking 101 can be just the mindset-shifter you need to see that:

  • ⭐ Visual thinking is super heckin' useful
  • ⭐ Learning visual thinking does take unlearning some well-worn habits
  • ⭐ Visual thinking is absolutely learnable.

Now, we roll up our sleeves, and get to learning the good stuff!

Level 3: Comprehensive Course

The Agerbeck Method SOLO

Your path to visual thinking mastery. Learn all 24 idea shapers through Brandy's signature course. From a smart structure, to review sessions, down to suggested practice exercises for every lesson — Brandy designed this course to help you make visual thinking your lifelong skill. 

  • Self-paced online course 
  • One module per element of visual thinking
  • Certificate of Completion available upon request 

Join hundreds of learners from 40+ countries today!


Explore The Agerbeck Method

Brandy believes in her system for learning visual thinking so much she put her name on it! 

When you are ready to make visual thinking your lifelong skill, The Agerbeck Method in the place to be.

You have one choice to make before you join: Solo or Studio?

Course only or Course + Community?

Keep reading for a glimpse into Brandy's vibrant and caring community, Studio.

Level 4: Course + Community

The Agerbeck Method STUDIO

Looking for the support of like-minded peers and Brandy's guidance year-round? Join The Agerbeck Method STUDIO for the unbeatable combination of the online course and our membership community. 

  • Global community that fosters a safe and challenging learning space
  • 'Studio mates' have a 2.5x higher course completion rate. 
  • Deliberate, hands-on monthly practice with Brandy's feedback
  • Access to complete vault of deep dive workshops  


$997 course fee + $1970 annual membership

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