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Start with a Shape

Project | 2020

Grab a discarded food box and some ink or paint and MAKE THIS. 

Click here to craft along

Standing Up to the VUCA Monster

Article | 2020


Learn about VUCA and why it's so darn challenging

From A to Z:

The 3 Powers of Graphic Facilitation

2012 | Seen in The Graphic Facilitator's Guide


The 4 Properties and Powers of Drawing

2016 | Seen in The Idea Shapers



5 Types of Visual Thinkers


Okay, nearly no one walks down the street thinking, "I'm a visual thinker!" But most of us are. Here are the five types of visual thinkers Brandy Agerbeck is here to support.


The Brandyfesto

PDF | 2011 

Late 2011, Brandy wrote the Brandyfesto before any of her books or courses to introduce you to her work and why she does what she does. It has been downloaded more than 11,000 times!


Color Conversation

2016 | Seen in The Idea Shapers

A friendly take on the basics of color theory.

Join this colorful "dinner party"

The Draw Quad

2011, redrawn 2019 | Seen in The Idea Shapers, 2016

The only problem with drawing is that we define it too narrowly. Brandy built this model off of Ken Wilbur's Four Quadrant model is to help us better understand why drawing is our best thinking tool. 

The Essential Eight

Model | 2006 | Seen in The Graphic Facilitator's Guide, 2012

Designed to help the visual practitioner focus on what is most essential as they listen, think, and draw for a group live. 

Read more about the E8

Found vs. Fixed Images

Concept | 2016 | Seen in The Idea Shapers, 2016


Concept | 2012 | Seen in The Graphic Facilitator's Guide, 2012

The Idea Shapers

Model | 2016 | Seen in The Idea Shapers

A set of 24 instantly learnable visual thinking concepts to help you become a masterful visual thinker.




The Image Iceberg

2016 | Seen in The Idea Shapers


Levels and Layers of Visual Thinking


Text to Come

Process Over Product

Concept | 2011 | Seen in both The Graphic Facilitator's Guide and The Idea Shapers

The Skills of a Graphic Facilitator


Text to Come

The Trio

Technique | 2012 | Seen in both The Graphic Facilitator's Guide and The Idea Shapers

Brandy's approach to color in live work, whether it's large scale as a graphic facilitator, or small scale making sketchnotes. This approach frees up your precious mental energy as it also makes clearer and more cohesive images. 

Use Color a Lot vs. Using a Lot of Colors

Concept | 2012 | Seen in The Graphic Facilitator's Guide

A riot of color is equated with creativity, but when too many colors are used in visual thinking, all you get is "clown barf."

A guiding principle for using fewer colors to make more meaning. 

The Visual Organization Scale

Model | 2018 | Seen in the anthology The World of Visual Facilitation

A 7-step scale from linear text to highly synthesized visual model for awareness and identification of choices in visual organization.

A tool for every visual thinker to better understand what amount of spatial organization, hierarchy and imagery best serves your needs, your client's needs, and fits your capabilities. 

Learn about the value of visual organization

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