Pumpkin Spice
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First off, I know pumpkin spice is about pie spices, not about pumpkin flavor....
But I saw this sweet lil' pumpkin with such an elegant stem and speckled skin. It inspired to map out some seasonal pumpkin facts.
I plopped the actual pumpkin in the center of my drawing, using the idea shaper, The Anchor. The Anchor is one of the 24 Idea Shapers in my book of the same name, and it simply means starting a drawing with a word or image in the center. It's much like Tony Buzan's mindmapping technique.
Beginning in the center may seem scary, but it's actually very forgiving. Pages 237-248 in The Idea Shapers explains why. 

Want a closer look? Print your own copy?
Here's a PDF for you:
Get the PDF of Brandy's pumpkin drawing
I would *love* to see you make a drawing with a physical object in the center. If you do, please post online with the tag #objectanchor and tag me. 

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