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Sign up below to join Brandy Agerbeck for an hour as she shares Success Path model to shed light on the skills of the visual thinker. Visual thinking takes the simplest of physical tools (just paper and pens), and can be endlessly adaptable as a life skill. This upcoming session is designed to help you recognize the strengths you already have, see where you may be stuck, and spot where you want to grow your practice next. 

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Seeking the Big Picture on the skills of visual thinking?
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Your Visual Thinking Success Path

Hosted by Brandy Agerbeck, creator of The Idea Shapers

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About Brandy

Global visual thinking pioneer Brandy Agerbeck teaches you how to reclaim drawing as your best thinking tool so you can see and shape your life and your work in new ways.

In 2016, Brandy published The Idea Shapers: the power of putting your thinking in your own hands, an approachable and engaging visual thinking guide based on her 2013 TEDx Talk, Shape Your Thinking.

Teaching online through video, live virtually, and in-person, Brandy is a “triple threat” of world-class expert, top-notch trainer and seamless facilitator. 

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