At your fingertips, you have the tools to reduce overwhelm and create clarity.

Master visual thinking using The Agerbeck Method.

Hundreds of learners from 40+ countries have sharpened both their wits and their pencils becoming:

  • Clear communicators
  • More innovative and organized thinkers
  • Better problem-solvers

Using Brandy Agerbeck's world-class, comprehensive online course —

Visual thinking online course at-a-glance: 

  • Clear, step-by-step, self-paced learning
  • Comprehensive skill-building via "bite-sized" videos
  • Engaging learning design including suggested practice and module reviews
  • Certificate of Completion upon request
  • $997 registration fee and lifetime access
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We face hard things every day.

Visual thinking helps you tackle life's challenges with paper and pen.

Brandy Agerbeck makes learning visual thinking easy. 

A master of teaching both Big Picture context and concrete techniques, Brandy sets you up for success with:

1 | Hands-on learning of  abstract skills 
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2 | Focus on visual thinking
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3 | A clear, comprehensive curriculum
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4 | Step-by-step guidance
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5 | Immediately useful skills
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6 | Brandy as your guide
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Secret to your success No. 1:

Complex, abstract skills made tangible, practical, and joyful! 

Visual thinking makes the intangible tangible, and the conceptual concrete.

But how the heck do you master this internal, abstract, beautifully and maddeningly complex skill?

Brandy Agerbeck has crafted the answer:

First, break down the interdependent processes into learnable pieces. She calls these 24 techniques idea shapers.

Next, craft multi-modal lessons that teach you every technique:


Hand-drawn visual diagrams, charts, and  props that support every lesson.


On camera in her studio, Brandy teaches every idea shaper via video.


Listen to Brandy’s words and body language. She brings every lesson to life.


Learn via reading through closed captioning and the text below each video lesson.


Tactile learning both through demonstration, and  suggested hands-on practice exercises.

Finally, package these lessons into a logical sequence, called The Agerbeck Method.

(Yes, Brandy so strongly believes in this approach that she put her name on it.)

While visual thinking is anything but linear, Brandy will guide you along a distraction-free, encouraging, confidence-building learning path.

You'll feel the thrill of mastering skills that once seemed out of reach.

Turn past frustration into triumph.

No longer lost in abstraction, you'll experience the joy of applying these skills in real-world scenarios.

You will turn the intangible into the achievable.

  • Stimulate all your senses, and stay engaged all course long.

  • Enjoy a stress-free learning experience, where complex becomes simple and achievable
  • Never ever dumbed down. You are smart and ready to grasp these techniques. 

  • No magic wand needed!  Visual thinking is not an elusive talent only held by "creative geniuses." It is very learnable.

Picture yourself confidently navigating complexities, transforming abstract knowledge into practical, hands-on expertise.
You will hold — and confidently use — all the tools you need that set you apart in a noisy, busy, uncertain world.
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Secret to your success No. 2:

We focus on visual THINKING.

Many courses approach visual thinking as the antidote to verbal, linear, auditory methods. Often they teach iconography as the remedy to a text-heavy problem.

You are not right-brained or left-brained. Not verbal or visual.

You are always an AND.

Despite the imperfect label, visual thinking is inherently against the black-and-white, this-or-that approach.

Visual thinking captures how different pieces fit together. As a visual thinker, you access a full toolbox of techniques to gain deeper understanding of yourself, your work, the people you work with.  

The Agerbeck Method teaches you the tools to engage and integrate your whole self:


Day 1 is not “square 1.” You enter with your unique experiences, goals, strengths, and weaknesses.


Our focus is process and practice, not perfectionism and product. This is space to be the messy, ever-growing human you are.


No rating our work as good or bad, pretty or ugly. Brandy teaches which visual choices are more effective or less effective to reach your chosen goal.


You will learn tons of invaluable thought-organizing and meaning-making choices before we touch imagery in the 8th module (of 9).

Cultivate a mental landscape where your ideas are organized, your thoughts are crystal clear, your feelings are valued, and your problem-solving skills are heightened.

Feel the relief tapping into all of your abilities. Take pride applying your new knowledge. Notice your unique advantages being a masterful visual thinker brings.

  • Integrate all of your ways of understanding — thinking, feeling, observation, using your intuition — through a set of common tools.

  • Enjoy the freedom to express your ideas clearly and coherently through words, lines, and shapes.

  •  Gain the confidence that comes from feeling in integrity and empowered.

  • No drawing experience or creative talent required.

  • Shush your Inner Critic. Your inner visual voice is stronger than theirs.
  •  You are never bogged down or slowed by the pressure to create elaborate drawings.

No doodling here!

You craft visuals with purpose and impact.

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing your skills are not pretty or fluffy —  you hold powerful tools to get your work out into the world and understood.
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Every concrete technique you learn is “topic agnostic."

Every idea shaper can be used equally well to a super-thinky task as a deeply-feeling one.

Brandy’s unparalleled, thoughtful and thorough approach has been embraced by people from all over the world, from all walks of life.

Like them, you may be deciding to invest in this course for a very specific objective. As you grow throughout the course, you will discover more ways to apply these techniques.

Putting your stronger skills into practice, you will improve all areas of your life, and the lives of those around you.

Secret to your success No. 3:

A crystal clear path ahead of you.

Stop struggling with a cobbled-together, time-sucking self-study. 

The structure of The Agerbeck Method offers unparalleled clarity and completeness:

  • Every 10-video module focuses on one element of visual thinking. 

  • We cover 3 core topics in each module. 

  • In 3 lessons, each topic is complete. 

  • Every 10th day is your Review + Reflection session to make your learning stick and build in your own self-assessment practice.

This ensures a straightforward progression, eliminating the confusion often associated with learning complex skills.

Save your valuable time and energy by following a meticulously designed, field-proven system. 

Experience relief as frustration transforms into satisfaction, mastering each step of your visual thinking education.

  • Everything you need in one course.
  • Satisfying structure with a clear progression.
  • Most effective use of your time and energy.
  • Zero hassle of hunting for scattered resources.

  • No YouTube rabbit holes or other distractions that kindnapyour focus. 

Envision a learning environment where confusion is replaced by clarity, distractions are banished, and each step brings you closer to expertise.
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Making meaning for myself and others

Although it took me more than 87 days to get here --

The feeling of being right where I need to be and being happy, satisfied and proud cannot really be expressed in words.

I am more confident and I am actively using visual thinking in my daily life, consciously! With the goal of making meaning for myself and others.

My progress is most visible in the ease and naturality I pick up my pens and markers and start using them, even for note-taking. And in making choices up-front (which I never did before!).

Andrea Popa

Trainer, Facilitator, Project Manager, Researcher

Secret to your success No. 4:

Step-by-step instruction with bite-sized lessons

If you are like Brandy, your mind ❤️s a challenge, but it is also easily overwhelmed!

We are attracted to visual thinking precisely because it helps us sort out and organize our thinking.

Paradoxically, SEQUENCE is the key to mastering this so very non-linear life skill, for us all-at-once thinkers.

The Agerbeck Method leads your brilliant, fast brain to the exact next lesson you need.

  • Each video is focuses one a single core concept or technique.

  • The average video length is 15 minutes.

  • Brandy demonstrate exactly to to focus on and what distractions to avoid.

  • Every lesson includes a suggested Practice Builder — the exact, best way to put what you just learned into hands-on, efficient practice.

You never have to worry again about what to learn next, how to learn it, and what is an isn't important. 

No longer overwhelmed, your knowledge builds in a satisfying, empowering way.  Feel the joy of gradual mastery as each step unfolds, building a strong foundation for advanced skills.

  • Busy, noisy life? Enjoy the relief of logging in and knowing exactly what to do: Press play on the next video.
  • Fit your learning into your schedule. Spread out videos or binge-watch? It all works.
  • Make progress in every step, making learning a delightful journey rather than a daunting task.

  • Your knowledge deepens module by module. You will see your progress on your paper, and feel your confidence build. 

  • Stop piecing together different resources that may have confusing or contradictory advice. 

  • No lengthy, overwhelming tutorials.
  • No fluff! Every video is exactly the right length to teach your next right step.

On Day 90, look back on what you have built!

Every lesson completed, you paved your lifelong visual thinking foundation, brick-by-brick.

You have become a master builder of knowledge, confidently constructing your visual thinking expertise.
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But Brandy what can I do with visual thinking?




What makes the answer hard to pin down is exactly what makes you, a strong visual thinker, indispensible:

Anything and everything.

Secret to your success No. 5:

Immediate, real-world application of your skills.

Say goodbye to theoretical fluff and hello to immediate, real-world usefulness.

The advantage? You won't waste time on abstract concepts that leave you asking “but what if…” and “wait, how can I…?”

Throughout The Agerbeck Method, Brandy bridges theory and application seamlessly:

  • As early as Day 6, you apply your new skills directly to a current project.  

  • This is not a loose collection of “tips and tricks.” You develop sophisticated visual thinking skills as you complete every module.

  • Every lesson has a suggested practice builder. You always have your clear next step.

  • See your progress in every drawing you make.  

  • Collect Brandy's real-world examples through the course for even more reasons to grab paper and pen.

  • There is no waiting to “graduate” to use these tools out in the real-world. Learn today, immediately use your new skills tomorrow.


You won't just accumulate theoretical knowledge. Or surface-level hacks.

You'll apply what you learn instantly, bridging the gap between learning and real-life scenarios.

Feel the thrill of instant success as your skills manifest into daily victories. Recognize how your unique abilities set you apart from the rest.

  • Every concept learned is directly applicable in your daily life.

  • Confidently and consistently apply your visual thinking skills in your work or daily life.

  • No life hacks, quick tips, or magic pills. You are developing a lifelong superpower.

  • No waiting to “graduate.” Use your skills from the get go.

Imagine the thrill of seeing your newfound skills in action, making an impact from day one.

Picture yourself seamlessly integrating visual thinking into your work and personal projects.

Your visual voice will speak volumes!

No more waiting – it's time to embrace your role as a problem-solving powerhouse.
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Secret to your success No. 6:

Brandy beside you as your guide.

Don’t navigate your learning alone! Share the journey with a seasoned companion.

New to Brandy and her work? Hop on over here to learn more >>
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Learn from a true expert with decades of professional experience, and a lifetime of practice.

  • Brandy’s ability to break down complex topics into learnable pieces is exceptional.

  • Benefit from Brandy’s complete and comprehensive system.
    While you can go deeper by becoming a Studio member,
    nothing is held back in the core course.

  • Happily a leading, international expert, Brandy is also a gloriously imperfect human. Her style is approachable and conversational.

  • Feel inspired and guided by a mentor, even if she’s half a world away in Chicago.

Say goodbye to uncertainty! No fumbling in the dark; instead, you'll have Brandy’s guiding light to illuminate your entire journey.

The benefit? Imagine the confidence that comes from learning from the best, tapping into Brandy's wealth of knowledge. No more guesswork – just expert guidance every step of the way.

  • Go beyond the ordinary.

  •  Brandy leads by example, embodying this practice in every video lesson.

  • Wasted time and money on a basic course where the instructor was only a couple steps ahead?
    This teacher has gone the distance.

  •  No hype, hustle, pressure or unrealistic promises.

Brandy packed her namesake course with all insights and skill-building to make you your own visual thinking master.

You're not just a learner; you're a protégé.

See yourself at the end of the course, ready to conquer any challenge with true strength in your skills and confidence in your unique approach.

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What can I say to someone who literally changed my life!

I started in Sept 23, 2018 and ended today February 11, 2019.

I feel the shift I was hoping for, which was to broaden my view of visual thinking beyond imagery = word or phrase to an overall composition.

I now connect the dots with visual thinking with my interest and work in art in that I see in shapes, values, and layers. Hooray.

It still feels like I'm in an infant stage of this but the vision of what I want my visuals to look like is more clear. The practice builders and lectures gave me new ways to draw and that has shifted my work.

I'm a little sad to lose the structure this program has provided but at the same am much more confident in my ability to take and finish online courses.

Paula Kehoe

Graphic Recorder and Facilitator
United States

And lastly —
Looking for the surefire way to excel?

Add Studio membership for year-long community an Brandy's ongoing support.

As robust and complete as The Agerbeck Method course is, nothing beats the depth of learning, camaraderie, and ongoing support when you also become a Studio member as well.  

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How to Master Visual Thinking

Scroll to follow the path of The Agerbeck Method. 

Module 1

Start strong with a blank slate

We kick off with CANVAS where you learn: 

  • Learn the 3 words to shush your inner critic.
  • Get all your thinking on the same page
  • Tackle your biggest projects by making your thinking modular. 

Feb 9

Upon registration for the course, you'll have the option to join the Studio community. our year-long membership that includes a series of live group calls to keep you on track.

February 9
 we talk about Module 1: CANVAS.

I really love how structured and clear your teaching is, Brandy.

I also love the clarity of the abstract symbols. A perfect combination between drawing and thinking.

What I love also is the personal empowerment! I hope I can find a good balance between order and disorder, between discipline and joy, between structure and the wide field of creativity.

Claudine Brackhagen
Graphic Recorder

Module 2

Sort out your thoughts

Next we play with PROXIMITY where you learn: 

  • Break your linear thinking
  • The reason why tidy and orderly is NOT always better
  • Learn the 10 Visual Thinking Cues. They tell your WHAT to draw WHERE. 

Mar 8

On our March 8 module call, we'll be talking about PROXIMITY live in the STUDIO


I really liked the strong focus on the thinking part in this module.

Thank you for that.

Tobias Patzke

Module 3

Choose the right words to capture your thoughts

We continue with TEXT where you learn: 

  • Bust binary thinking of words VS images.
  • Distilling your language
  • Hone handwriting to keep your ideas clear. 

Apr 5

As an Agerbeck Method STUDIO mate, you've got a seat on our April 5 call on Module 3: TEXT.  

High five Brandy!

Not only enjoying and learning a lot, but using your tools and getting great feedback from my clients.
Thank you so much and congratulations for this amazing course.

Miguel Ángel Díaz Sánchez
Director of New Way Coaching

Module 4

Unlock your color confidence

Moving into our fourth section, COLOR, you will: 

  • Explore your own color history
  • Learn how hue and value work
  • Get the key to combining colors
    (Hint: less IS more.)

May 3

Our COLORful live module call in The Agerbeck Method STUDIO will be May 3.

The COLOR module gave me the theoretical knowledge I needed to feel more confident in making creative decisions that both look good and make meaning.

I have loved every minute of it!


Giséla Lobråten Linde

Module 5

Simple lines are packed with meaning

LINE, smack dab in the center of the course, teaches you how to: 

  • Map complex relationships with simple lines
  • Create clarity with simple shapes around ideas
  • Start in the center! 👈 It's actually MORE adaptable. 

May 24

LINE, Module 5, is our focus on May 24's member module call. 

"When a 5 year old watches day 42 with mummy…"

Vy Nguyen
Development Engineer

Wow - what an awesome set of lessons. When I saw LINE in the course flow, I thought they would probably be the easiest and possibly the least valuable.

How wrong I was.

Conscious choice of lines can make a big difference to the clarity and understanding of a visual.

I am certainly feeling more confident in my choices when sketchnoting or using visuals in facilitation or coaching settings.

Andi Roberts
Facilitator and Coach
United Kingdom

Module 6

Use size to organize your ideas

In our sixth module, SCALE, we cover:

  • Mastering levels of information within your drawing 
  • When to go BIG and when to go small
  • Starting your thinking with an organized plan.

Hi Brandy, it took me 6 weeks to get from day 59 to day 60. Starting up again after a really busy period at work feels very good. And then... this happy, funny and over the top congratulations video. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm now eager to continue with the last 30 days.

Hip Hip Hurray!



☝️Brandy note: I share this Day 60 quote because my online courses are a guilt-free zone. I designed then to learn at your pace and fit your learning into your life. 

If you know deadlines and social support help you succeed, join us in The Agerbeck Method Studio.

Jun 21

You and your fellow studio mates join me live June 21 to talk about SCALE. 

Doing this course has given me structure, focus and purpose in Lockdown - and hope for all the new and exciting ways I’ll be able to put what I’m learning into practice in “the afterwards.”

Thank you Brandy, for making it so much fun - and for making each of these videos something I look forward to.

And for giving us so much rich and deep content that I know I’m going to keep coming back to.


Ludy Roper
United Kingdom

The farther you go in The Agerbeck Method, the more clear, consistent and COHESIVE your work gets.

Module 7

Go from scattered to structured

Next, in Module 6: SHAPE we tackle:

  • When to start with structure, and when to let shape emerge
  • Creating work where all the pieces fit together
  • Adding visual depth to our work. 

Jul 19

Module 7: SHAPE is the topic of our July 19 live call in The Agerbeck Method STUDIO

Module 8

Now we talk pictures

In our penultimate module we address IMAGE: 

  • Put pictorial imagery into the context of our many, many visual and spatial choices. 
  • Gather your own Visual Vocabulary
  • Add life with simple characters to your drawings

Aug 16

We gather live in The Agerbeck Method STUDIO to talk IMAGE on August 16. 

Thank you so much for taking on the tough subject of creating my own visual vocabulary.

As we are bombarded with imagery and icons via infographics, media and even live graphic recording, your class has been a breath of fresh air moving away from so much imagery.

I am becoming more and more interested in composition, layout and flow with larger imagery with a sprinkle of Icons to create impact.

Now I have ideas of how I want to change my work.

I again thank you for this.

Paula Kehoe
Graphic Recorder and Facilitator
United States

Module 9

Find your flow

We conclude the course with FLOW: 

  • Create movement within your drawings
  • Develop your unique visual voice
  • Keep growing using your lifelong skill of visual thinking


Sept 13

Get ready to CELEBRATE course completion on September 13, in the studio when we wrap up our 2024 calls with Module 9: FLOW.  

Immensely deep and rich, hugely useful both inwards and outwards.

YAY! This course has exceeded my expectations big time - and they were high, otherwise I would not have made the investment.

I feel like I've learnt a new language. Immensely deep and rich, hugely useful both inwards and outwards.

My confidence is a sign of how good this course is - from content and structure to the warm, humorous and peppy tone: "You can do it! Your visual voice matters!"

Thank you so much Brandy - this has been GREAT. ❤️❤️❤️

Giséla Lobråten Linde

TEDx Speaker

Hello, I'm Brandy Agerbeck.


About your instructor

Global visual thinking pioneer Brandy Agerbeck teaches you how to reclaim drawing as your best thinking tool so you can see and shape your life and your work in new ways.

Over her lifetime, Brandy has used drawing to:

  • Create a safe escape in childhood
  • Challenge and corral her turbo-fast brain
  • Feed her voracious appetite for learning
  • Overcome overwhelm
  • Visually manage self-publishing and course creation projects
  • Temper time-blindness
  • And for funsies!

Professionally, Brandy fell into the role of graphic facilitator in 1996, getting to listen, think, and draw all at once for a vast variety of clients. 

In 2016, Brandy published The Idea Shapers: the power of putting your thinking in your own hands, an approachable and engaging visual thinking guide based on her 2013 TEDx Talk, Shape Your Thinking.

Teaching via video, through virtual events, and in-person, Brandy is a “triple threat” of world-class expert, top-notch trainer, and seamless facilitator.

Hubby and house panthers in Chicago.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question below, contact Brandy and ask away. 

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