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At your fingertips, you have the tools to reduce overwhelm and create clarity with

Visual Thinking.


All you need is paper, pen, time to invest in yourself, and—

Are you a stifled Big Picture Thinker?

Not a linear thinker, instead you are constantly making connections and seeing patterns. Others may see you as scattered, but really the wheels are turning in your head. Your mind’s eye is sharp—the struggle is getting your mental pictures OUT of your head and INTO the world. Scolded for daydreaming, you feel misunderstood and not valued. On a good day, you brush off your frustrations. On a bad day, you are defeated by the untapped insights.

Do you wrestle complexity daily?

Bring on the heavy mental lifting! You do not shirk from a complex challenge. You’ll stick with the friction of the  “fuzzy front end” or ambiguity, because the solving the Hard Problems is so rewarding. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid), soundbite culture and the fast fix piss you off. Your headaches are making sure you’re creating a COMPLETE puzzle, and getting others to see how important EVERY piece is.

Yearn to learn, but new ideas just won’t stick?

Does your Inner Critic call you stupid, but you know they’re not right. Still, learning slips through your fingers;  old-school rote learning is NOT working for you. Right now, your fingers may be flying taking notes. But looking back over them – you didn’t grasp what was important. High effort with poor results sucks. Your fire for learning is dimming. You need to find what works before you lose your light completely.

Need to get everyone "all on the same page?"

Fed up with lousy meetings or super slow progress? Time and again, your team’s tensions are created by talking at cross purposes and losing focus. Clearly, your old ways of working aren’t working. Every outlook and point of view is vital, but you need methods for aligning, collaborating, and transforming your work together.

Does sitting still make you jump out of your skin?

You need to get your hands on a task to tackle it. Sick of being pegged as distracted or hyperactive, you know to focus you need to moooove.  You take in the world through your hands, your body, your sense. Feeling constrained, you are eager to harness your energy and get a grip on your work.

Struggle to get your message out into the world?

Right now you’ve got important ideas to share, but you’re lacking a focused vision. You are ready to knock it off and whip your work into shape. Currently, you’ve got endless bits and pieces, but the trouble is finding the structure to put it all in. Not only needed for your own relief, your audiences need you to guide them along a clear path. Not into the rabbit hole you’ve fallen into.

Do you listen for a living?

Perhaps you coach or counsel individuals, or you guide groups. Either way you help shed light on difficult subjects. You suspect if you could show someone what they are saying, you could help them see their issue from a new perspective. You want to take your clients from pained to productive, but simply listening is lacking.

Feeling lost in your life right now?

Does you past feel far away and your future fuzzy? Whether you are still charging ahead or are stalled out —you know you are far from thriving. You have lost sight of who you are and what’s most important to you. You are ready to get perspective, get closure, and get motivated.

Desperate to overcome overwhelm?

It’s all too much. You feel buried in tasks and ideas. Your brain is buzzing so loudly that you can’t find any inner quiet. It’s all noise. You know you should tackle them one at a time, but instead, you feel swallowed whole. The strain of information overload is wearing you down.

Visual thinking is a 🏆 top notch tool 🏆for facing ALL of these challenges.


I am Brandy Agerbeck, and I am  your guide in learning the vitals of visual thinking. Yes, the tools are so simple, but the new thinking skills are rich and complex. But investing in yourself and this lifelong skill is oh-so-worth-it.

I am here to help you reclaim drawing as your best thinking tool, a.k.a. your new superpower.

Press play to watch my introduction and hear my story of why I made it—


The Agerbeck Method is a 90 day, on-demand, video-based online course to teach you how to use drawing as your best thinking tool. This specific type of drawing — drawing to think through your ideas, to learn, to listen better, to problem solve, to clarify and communicate — is called visual thinking.  

Our educational systems and workplaces are heavily verbal, auditory and text-based. We were taught to express ourselves through learning the 3 R's: reading, writing and arithmetic. This word-centric approach forces linear thinking: reading, writing and thinking from left to right, from top to bottom. 

And while that's a great way to distribute information, it's a lousy way to process information. Just think -  

When's the last time you solved a problem in a straight line? 

Visual thinking uses words  AND images AND lines AND shapes AND colors AND symbols AND numbers AND all sorts of elements to make drawings that lets you take your thinking in ANY direction it needs to go! Using drawing as your best thinking tool enables you to draw out your ideas in all their complexity, patterns, inter-dependencies. Allowing you to see The Big Picture and how all the pieces fit together. 

Visual thinking is an endlessly adaptable and mighty powerful life skill. It only needs very simple materials: paper and pen. And it is always at your fingertips.

BUT it's not the fastest or easiest skill to learn.

As our cultures get more and more visual, we are becoming more and more sophisticated as viewers. We can read a lot into the images we see. But those classrooms and workplaces have left us woefully unprepared as makers. Instead, the past primacy of written and spoken words has left us with the unrealistic expectation that we can always express ourselves in words and that we can make them all line up beautifully. And if we don't, we've failed. And pictures? Well, drawing is silly, that's doodling, that's the artsy-fartsy stuff. 

WRONG. Drawing and visual thinking is actually a really amazing superpower to make all sort of incredible work happen. 

Check out this quote that helps explain why it is so powerful—

From The Idea Shapers, The Properties and Powers of Drawing, page 39: 
"Within the making of a drawing are countless choices. A power of drawing is in the choices that make a physical drawing. When you use any of the Idea Shapers, you are making physical objects. A drawing. A stack of cards. A giant map. A tiny icon. In your object-making you make a multitude of choices: which pen to use, which color, what surface to draw on, what to draw.When deciding what to draw you will also make many decisions about your content: Does this idea belong in this drawing? How do I phrase it? Is there an image that supports it? What is the placement? Size? Style? Color? How does this one piece relate to the other pieces I've already established on the page?
Every choice results in a decision. You clarify your thinking with each decision made. Every mark has meaning. With each mark you are making meaning for yourself."

The Agerbeck Method is the first 90 days of your lifelong visual thinking practice. Through daily videos, I guide you through your meaning-making choices. From my studio, I share 90 different, engaging lessons all designed to build up a rock-solid foundation to build your visual thinking practice. 

And if you already have a practice, you can use The Agerbeck Method to strengthen your practice, increase your focus and discipline and see your work from a new perspective. 

The secret sauce of The Agerbeck Method is the sequence and the bite-sized lessons. I make sure each "bite" is chewy and tasty and totally digestable. 
Visual thinking is your new superpower.


Here are the 5 types of visual thinkers The Agerbeck Method serves:  


Course Qualities

📱  Easy Access
Login and watch this video-based course from phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

👉 Self-guided
Take this course at your own pace. Lessons will be released over the 90 days (not all at once), but you set your speed for watching and practicing.

⏲️ Access any time
Choose the time that works for your schedule. Course is available 24/7/365.

✏️ No special tools
You only need a device to watch from, blank paper and a few pens to complete this course.

⏳ Lifetime access
Once purchased, the course stays in your personal library. 

💎 Repeatable
Easy processes that you can return to again and again. 

The Shape of the Course

Our 90 bite-sized lessons are organized by these nine 10-day modules:

Your first 3 modules focus on shifting from linear to SPATIAL thinking:

Module 1: CANVAS

Pick the surfaces and formats that fit your objectives.
Day 1-3: How to Succeed
Day 4-6: The Landscape
Day 7-9: The Stack
Day 10: CANVAS Review + Reflection


Shift to spatial thinking, place the pieces thoughtfully.
Day 11-13: Listbusting!
Day 14-16: What Goes Where?
Day 17-19: Spatial Cues
Day 20: PROXIMITY Review + Reflection


Module 3: TEXT

Choose words that best represent your thinking.
Day 21-23: Words + Images = ❤️
Day 24-26: Distill
Day 27-29: Penmanship
Day 30: TEXT Review + Reflection

In our first 30 days in The Agerbeck Method, you will learn:

And SO much more. 

In your next 3 modules, you strengthen the visual RELATIONSHIPS between ideas:

Module 4: COLOR

Use color a lot vs. using a lot of colors.
Day 31-33: Color-FULL
Day 34-36: The Spectrum
Day 37-39: The Trio
Day 40: COLOR Review + Reflection


Module 5: LINE

Draw lines between & around ideas to show relationships. 
Day 41-43: The Connector
Day 44-46: The Container
Day 47-49: The Anchor
Day 50: LINE Review + Reflection

Module 6: SCALE

Select size to create hierarchy & organization.
Day 51-53: The Size of Ideas
Day 54-56: You-Sized
Day 57-59: The Pyramid
Day 60: SCALE Review + Reflection

You keep strengthening your skills lesson-by-lesson. A handful of examples—

Watch your progress as you build your visual thinking practice

Your last 3 modules support you in making more INTEGRATED drawings:

Module 7: SHAPE

Find the overall shape & structure of your ideas.
Day 61-63: Seeking Shape
Day 64-66: Whole Composition
Day 67-69: Depth
Day 70: SHAPE Review + Reflection


Module 8: IMAGE

Add pictorial imagery within abstract & symbolic drawing.
Day 71-73: The Image Iceberg
Day 74-76: Visual Vocabulary
Day 77-79: Characters
Day 80: IMAGE Review + Reflection

Module 9: FLOW

Create flow and movement throughout your work. 
Day 81-83: Movement
Day 84-86: Your Visual Voice
Day 87-89: Keeping Your Flow
Day 90: FLOW Review + Reflection

Keep watching and drawing to take your visual thinking work to a whole new level...

Now you have an indispensable lifelong skill, a.k.a. your new visual thinking superpower!  

From Scattered to Synthesized.

From Chaotic to In Command.

From Cramming to Grasping.

From Cross Purposes to Shared Vision.

From Fidgety to Focused.

From Muddled to Masterful.

From Intangible to Achievable.

From Disconnected to Determined.

From Overwhelmed to In Control.

Register Now!

Join visual thinkers from 44 countries (so far) who are strengthening their superpower of visual thinking!

Secure payment via the following methods:
I offer a 30-day, "no-quibble" guarantee.

Contact me within 30 days of registering. I'll revoke your access to The Agerbeck Method course and The Agerbeck Method community refund you fully. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Two points to help you get over your illuphobia and join me: 

1| Drawing is a practiced skill. If you draw like a seven year old, you likely stopped drawing when you were seven. You can always begin again. 

2| While one of the 9 modules focuses on imagery, the vast majority of what I teach is best done with simple lines and shapes.

Only a tiny fraction of what we're doing over your 90 day visual thinking transformation is about drawing pictorial imagery. And in the 8th module, IMAGE, I'll share my go-to drawings to give you a a direct path to what to learn and practice first. 

A: The core of each lesson is a video that you watch from your browser. This learning platform is optimized both for computer viewing and watching from your phone.

Log into your account at and click into The Agerbeck Method.  As long as you can stream these short videos and you have paper and pen, you are good to go. 

Some lessons have supplemental PDFs or audio files through the course. The ability to print the PDFs is useful, but not crucial to your success. 

A: No worries. You have all the time you need.

While the course will be released topic-by-topic over the 90 days, you are granted lifetime access. 

Take the course at the pace that works for you. And you're welcome to rewatch lessons any time. 

A: This is definitely not a "one-hour masterclass." I get so ticked off when someone offers mastery in 60 minutes. 


That's BS.

To truly transform your visual thinking, you'll put in time and effort. But investing in yourself now will give you an incredibly adaptive and powerful skill for life.

The course itself contains 24+ hours of video content. 
Visual thinking is complex work that takes time to understand and practice to make it an indispensable tool.  I took great care to craft a step-by-step course that leads you through visual thinking thoroughly and efficiently. 

The daily video lessons are 6 to 35 minutes long. The average time is 15 minutes. 

Take a look at the text below the videos for guidance on your to make best use of your time. In some lessons, I recommend taking live notes. In every lesson, I have recommended Practice Builders. None of these are required, but every one of them will help you truly develop your visual thinking practice. To make your new-found or improved skills stick. 

A few tips:

  • Schedule time to focus. It is so easy to start strong and then fade in your progress. Putting your growth on your calender is a key to success.
  • Register with 1, 2, or 3 people to join you creating a built-in team. (And gives you greats discounts!) Many learners have said their commitment to their accountability buddies has been vital to keeping on track.
  • Rather than binge-watching the lessons, I recommend watching one video and then putting it immediately into practice. Then move on to the next. This approach will make you an active learner, leading to growth; versus a passive viewer who puts in time, but doesn't get results.
  • If life's other demands get in the way, feel NO guilt. You're welcome back to the course any time. Don't let feeling bad about your absence or guilt about not acting on this investment push you farther away. I don't "keep dibs" on anyone, and it's not as if you are keeping anyone waiting. Come on back when you're ready.

Again, upon registration, you have lifetime access to the course. Take in the lessons and build your skills at your own pace. 

A: I do indeed. Click here for the 3-payment plan. You'll be charged $333.00 today. A second automatic payment of $333.00 will occur 30 days from now. Your final automatic payment of $333.00 will occur 60 days from now. Your total registration cost will be $990.00.

A Please join me.

All are welcome. 

Yes, I do use my 22 year career as a many examples of my experience in the course.

Graphic facilitation is what forged my visual thinking abilities in fire. 

It's live, it's for money, and it's a different topic, group of participants, and objectives each time. 

That is high stakes visual thinking.

All of this gives me the impeccable credentials to teach you the best of what I know, no matter what you are using visual thinking for. 

Throughout our 90 lessons together, you will hear me make distinctions between live work and non-live work. The demands of making like sketchnotes in class in different than when you're tackling a problem solo with sketchbook and pens. I make sure to make those distincts to help you respond to the kind of visual thinking you are doing. 

A: We each have our own approach to our professional work giving visual support to groups. There is no one right way. 

I do see enormous need for graphic facilitation work that transcends "iconitis" — recording text and adding a corresponding icon. 

I want you to do varsity level visual thinking. 

A huge part of my own personal right way of working professionally is to help participants make meaning of their work. I do this through visual organization and synthesis. Going far beyond strict capture. 

Current AgMe (our nickname for The Agerbeck Method) learners tell me they chose to join me to learn to organize, synthesize, and become stronger listeners.

Let me help you be stronger in your career and serve your clients better. 

A: I offer a 30-day, "no-quibble" guarantee. Just contact me and let me know within 30 days of registering. I'll revoke your access to the course and refund you fully. 

A: Of course! If any of your questions left unanswered, Please contact Brandy and ask.


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