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Struggling to organize your thoughts?

Seeking innovative tools to solve complex problems?

Looking for the visual synthesizer to map out your ideas for you?

Let's tackle your challenges with paper and pen.


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As a graphic facilitator, I can draw for you. But when I teach your team concrete and instantly usable visual thinking skills, we truly transform your organization's ways of working. 

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"We were having a conversation in the office about Fathers of institutions vs. Godfathers. George Washington is the "father of our country" but James Brown is the "godfather of soul"?

We decided that the parent represents the genesis, but the godparent represents the protector of the spirit, the guide, the shaper. So now, when we introduce you and your ideas to new people, we say "Brandy Agerbeck is the godmother of visual practice."

They seem to get it."

Geoffrey Nelson, M Ed 

Drawing for you. 

The door has never closed on graphic facilitation.

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Vast and varied client list
Understanding universal issues every organization faces while adapting to your specific challenges. 

27 years of experience
Started in 1996—yes, back in the 20th century. Twelve of those years, my entire practice was graphic facilitation. 

Collaborative partner
Available as a thought partner, integrating visual best practices into your event or workshop design.

My strength =
Visual Synthesis

See your ideas truly organized, with level of visual hierarchy, patterns maps, connections made.

No live event?
Let's co-create your process map, communication piece, or conceptual model.

Leader in the field
Published our field's "bible," The Graphic Facilitator's Guide in 2012. Grown the work internationally.

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Teaching you to draw for yourself. 

Visual thinking is an indispensable life skill to:
💥 Crush overwhelm
💡 Organize your thoughts
🗺️ Map complexity
👂 Listen at an entirely new level
🧲 Engage your audience as a speaker or teacher
🚀 Boost collaboration and alignment
✨ Solve old problems in new ways

This is NOT an innate gift or mysterious talent.
Visual thinking is an absolutely LEARNABLE life skill.

See? I've been practicing these skills since I was a squirt.

My TEDx talk, Shape Your Thinking, put my teaching mission into motion.

The 5 steps in my 2013 video were developed into my next book, The Idea Shapers

Watch Shape Your Thinking

Visual thinking's complexity is broken down into 24 learnable techniques called "idea shapers."

This 2016 reference has become the never-leaves-my-desk resource for smarties in all kinds of professional roles.

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In 2018, these 24 tools even more accessible through The Agerbeck Method, my core online course.

This step-by-step system has changed the minds and lives of learners from over 40 countries.

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As visual thinkers, we shift culture towards the unstoppable combo of creativity and critical thinking. 

Learn visual thinking on your own—

Begin your path to mastery today in The Agerbeck Method.

For your team—

Ask me about my menu of hands-on workshops on visual thinking, facilitation, and listening skills.

My favorite, First Rate Flipcharts, will change meeting culture in your organization.

Learn in-person or virtually. Yes, virtual can be hands-on.

I can also recommend a perfect Chicago venue.

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At your event—

Want participants engaged with innovative techniques using the simplest of tools?

Hire me to speak as the "sage on the stage" seamlessly moving into facilitator mode as a "guide on the side."

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