About Brandy Agerbeck + Loosetooth.com

Wow. I compiled this list to share how many different experiences that are poured into the resources I build for you. 

Honestly, I look forward more than behind me. Seeing this list is darn gratifying. Here are my past experiences that have shaped me. 

I share these experiences below to help you find the right shape for your visual practice:
  • Starting out in an emerging market, where NO ONE has any idea what graphic facilitation is.
  • Launching one of the very first GF websites in 1999.
  • Beginning my path offering a menu of visual roles. I was lucky to fall straight into the work first, but it took me 7 years before I marketed this specific work well. So, I did a bit of everything.

See my services summary graphic circa 2001 to the right. >>

  • Building my graphic facilitation practice to the point of ONLY earning income with my GF work for 12 of those years.
  • Earning a six-figure income through the second decade of my work, while sticking to my vision of NOT being a road warrior, and having time for my own personal work.
  • Amassing a megawatt portfolio of clients from all sectors (no, not just corporate!) and across industries.
  • Leading a decade of IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners) conferences, serving on the board in the early aughts. Extremely proud to help the yearly gatherings move outside of the Bay Area in California. Refined the design and co-taught the GR101 pre-conference course with the inimitable Lynn Carruthers.  And delivering several keynotes.
  • Opening up a three- day, intensive, small-group retreat called Loosetooth.com Lab that’s served 100 peers from 18 countries.

To the right is a shot from the second Lab, back in 2013. I'm breaking down my choices in a chart. >>

  • Grew the field by publishing 2 well-respected and well-loved books on visual thinking: The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide in 2012 and The Idea Shapers in 2016.
  • Continuing to work as the number of colleagues soared, adapting to working in a more crowded, mature market.
  • Transitioning my own career from being that one person in the room drawing for the group to teaching, speaking, and writing to help everyone in the room to develop their visual thinking skills in themselves. 
Lastly —
  • Currently working hard and happily in my Chicago studio creating all-new, online courses to teach YOU my best practices. All lessons, demonstrations, documents, guiding principles, and models created from my on-the-ground, pioneering experience. ALL TO HELP YOU TO CREATE YOUR OWN PATH OF VISUAL PRACTICE. And to make your journey FAR EASIER.

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