Curious about sketchnotes, scribing, and visual thinking, but think "I can't draw" or figure it's too complicated?

Brandy is ready to bust some myths and help open your door into a indispensable and endlessly adaptable lifelong skill. 

It's live, it's free, it's —

Drawing as a Verb:

Visual Thinking Live Q&A

Hosted by Brandy Agerbeck,, author of The Graphic Facilitator's Guide and The Idea Shapers.









This is not a stale, formulaic webinar. Brandy has no "aspirational" slides of her fast car or catalog-photo family. She's got a transit card, a sweet and scruffy hubby, and lots of knowledge to share. 

On this call, Brandy will share two useful models about visual thinking, will give you the turbo-quick tour of her books and courses, and then the floor is open to a full hour of Q&A. 

Collect your questions about visual thinking, sketchnotes, graphic facilitation, all aspects of visual practice. 

This free session is 90 minutes long and includes:

5 min

10 min
4 Reasons to Draw
WHY we want to draw as a verb

10 min
5 Types of Visual Thinking
WHO can use verby drawing

5 min
Quick tour of my books and courses
No hype, no hard sell. 

A FULL HOUR of Q&A. I'm not a fan of talking at you for the first 30 minutes, so your questions will be welcome throughout.

Brandy Agerbeck is eager to help you begin, or help you strengthen the visual thinking skills you already have.

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What folks are saying about Drawing as a Verb:

"Thank you, Brandy, for your great visual thinking online session, Drawing as a Verb😊✍️🌐‼️🙏. It was amazing to hear your tips and tricks about visualization and sharing the thoughts about our value and blue ocean strategy with others🔝✔️"

Marcela Janíčková
Prague, Czech Republic

"Great Brandy Agerbeck and today's video session across the world. Creative group. Thanks, Brandy."

Kateřina Koželská
Prague, Czech Republic


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