Are you viz-curious?

Curious about sketchnotes, scribing, and visual thinking, but think "I can't draw" or figure it's too complicated?

Brandy Agerbeck is ready to bust some myths and help open your door into a indispensable and endlessly adaptable lifelong skill. 

Join Brandy for her free, monthly, one-hour Q+A 

Drawing as a Verb
Live Visual Thinking Q+A

Hosted by Brandy Agerbeck,, author of The Graphic Facilitator's Guide and The Idea Shapers.

In this 60 minute session, Brandy is ready for your questions and to share a few favorite models to help you embrace your visual practice. 

While Drawing as a Verb is always free, registration is required. 

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In our time together, Brandy will answer: 

What is Visual Thinking? 

Why Draw? 

Am I a Visual Thinker? 

☝️ Share your questions and insights anytime during our call. Brandy makes this time every month for you and your questions.

"We were having a conversation in the office about Fathers of institutions vs. Godfathers. George Washington is the "father of our country" but James Brown is the "godfather of soul"?

We decided that the parent represents the genesis, but the godparent represents the protector of the spirit, the guide, the shaper. So now, when we introduce you and your ideas to new people, we say "Brandy Agerbeck is the godmother of visual practice."

They seem to get it."

Geoffrey Nelson, M Ed 

Huge props and thanks to Geoff for his kind words and fantastic drawing. 
Note: You do not need his level of drawing skill to be a visual thinker. 

Drawing as a Verb IS NOT

A formulaic, stale webinar with Brandy spending 32.4% of our time introducing herself. 

Want details about Brandy's experience? Hop on over here. Our focus is you and your learning. 

Hype and hustle sesh pressuring you into some kind of magic pill solution.

Being a visual thinker is who you are and how you make sense of the world. We can and will talk about how to strengthen your skills, but there is no magic wand.

You don't need one. 

Just another Zoom meeting.

Do not plan to multitask! Show up for yourself to learn and recharge. 

Seeing each other on camera and answering your questions is what makes Drawing as a Verb work. 

Drawing as a Verb is a live session with NO replay. 

Drawing as a Verb IS 

Chock full of mind-opening models. 

Get ready to understand yourself and your work in new ways. 

Time to get YOUR questions answered. 

Bring your questions about visual thinking, sketchnotes, graphic facilitation, all aspects of visual practice.

Don't be shy! We all learn from each others' questions. Big and small.

Plus, Brandy much prefers this hour to be a conversation, not a presentation. 

Time spent with your fellow big-picture thinkers, pattern-finders, and  curious connection-makers. 

We can feel like oddballs in a text-heavy, auditory world. You are not alone. Let's gather and geek out. 

A clear window in how Brandy thinks and teaches. 

Yes, she will end the session sharing ways to work and learn together. You will know if Brandy is the right guide for you. 

I'm in. Bump me back up ☝️ to registration.

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