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How to Eradicate the New Year’s Resolution Frenzy & Fall
Your Own Personal Year-Round Reset Button

If you get that Brand New Year euphoria, only to feel overwhelmed and demotivated by your resolutions by January 11…

If you’ve already broken those resolution promises to yourself, and you feel weighed down by guilt…

If setting specific, tactical resolutions just don’t give you the Big Picture, oomph and  motivation you need to keep going…

… then this program was made for you.

 I have totally done the Resolution Rollercoaster.

Have you?

The second half of December is that ka-chunk, ka-chunk climb up that first big hill. You’re anticipating the fresh new year, new calendar, new datebook or planner. You are anticipating The New You for the New Year.

January 1, you are at the top of that peak.

That first drop is exhilarating! Here’s all the energy rushing at you.

Then gravity returns. You’re squished down by distraction, temptation, monotony, deprivation. You start to feel jostled and queasy. Far less thrilling now. You may be regretting the ride in the first place.

Finally, you jerkily pull into the station. Not sure which end is up.

Then perhaps you get back in line, waiting to do in all over next New Years.


My own rollercoaster has always been getting super detailed, tactical, fussy and extreme in my resolutions. ALWAYS this, or NONE of that. Or daily details that I have NEVER EVER been good at. Seriously, by January 11 I have already broken the perfect streak of micromanaging myself I was expecting to keep up for 365 days.

[ shudder ]

And those kind of resolutions are good at defining WHAT, but rarely include the SO WHAT? I need convince myself that the putzy WHATs are worth it.


Years ago I switched gears and got off the roller coaster. πŸŽ’

In Draw In Your New Year, I share with you my better way of acknowledging the time past and embracing the time to come.


This approach puts your new year in your own hands. Here's the great things this technique can help you do:

Reconnect with yourself while reflecting on your past year...

…And do so without beating yourself up.

Bring on the insights that give you a whole new perspective

See your own Big Picture: how different aspect of your life and your time fit together

Start to shape your months ahead...

…In a way that feels expansive and exciting, not like a burden or a grind

Notice where you spend your time and who you spend it with, and reshaping those things if need be

Create clarity for yourself that shines a light on where you go next!

I do all this with drawing.

I get myself all cozy and quiet. With my January 28th birthday, I give myself a grace period until then to do this process. I don't have to compete with the official January 1st frenzy. I extend that grace to you too. 

Draw in your New Year is ready for you any time of year that you can use a reset. 

There’s not expiration date on these tools or this program. 

Come back to it any time you need it.

I sit down with pristine piece of paper and markers and sit and ponder and squirm until I begin to figure out the shape of my recent past and how I want to shape the near future. The tabula rasa (blank slate) transforms into beautiful terra nova (new lands).


But I know how scary that blank paper can be. I’m comfortable with it after yeeeeeears of experience. And you know, this is what I do for a living. ;^)


Instead of you starting from scratch, I am sharing 4 of my favorite drawings for reflecting on the past and shaping your future.

In Draw In Your New Year, I guide you through a handful of drawings that are easy-to-draw, but rich in meaning-making and insight.

No matter what your level of drawing experience or penmanship, you can do this.

I repeat - ✨YOU CAN DO THIS.✨

"Thanks to Brandy's guidance, I created my New Year calendar wheel to show me exactly what needs to happen so that I can pop the cork for a champagne toast on December 31 and put a great year to rest. This class is full of so many great tips for gaining clarity as you define your next right steps for your life and your business."

Ann Leach

<< Brandy's note: I freaking β€οΈ that Ann raided her kitchen cabinet to use a pre-cut cardboard cake circle to make her blue year cycle drawing. And the 2018 specs are so snazzy! Kudos, Ann, on your resourcefulness and creativity!

Hit your own personal reset button - ANY TIME OF YEAR - with these 4 easy-to-make drawings

All you need is blank paper and a few pens to make these powerful drawings. Brandy leads you through each step-by-step via online video.

Watch the video at the top of the page for an introduction to the four drawings.

Register now for Instant Access β€”

BONUS 2-Hour Guided Session! 

I've added the archive of the live call I led in 2018 as a special bonus. In this call, I guided folks through each of the four drawings over the course of two hours, with pauses to draw included. 

The easiest way to make sure you do indeed Draw In Your New Year:
1. Block off two hours on your calendar. 
2. At the appointed time, grab a good beverage, blank paper and a few pens. 
3. PRESS PLAY. Follow me. 

Give yourself the gift of these two hours! 

Course Qualities

πŸ“±  Easy Access
Login and watch this video-based course from phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

πŸ‘‰ Self-guided
Take this course at your own pace. Make 1 drawing, 2, 3, or all 4. Whatever works for your needs.

⏲️ Access any time
Choose the time that works for your schedule. Course is available 24/7/365.

✏️ No special tools
You only need a device to watch from, blank paper and a few pens to complete this course.

⏳ Lifetime access
Once purchased, the course stays in your personal library. 

πŸ’Ž Repeatable
Easy processes that you can return to again and again. 

How Draw In Your New Year Works:Β 

In this program, I guide you through making four different drawings to create clarity for yourself whenever you need it. Each has its own instructional video to follow. Take as much or as little time as you need to think, write and draw out your own insights. In give you four simple, easy-to-draw structures to help you shape your thinking.

Each drawing is crafted to help you reflect on your recent past and harvest lessons learned and gather gems to take forward with you. You also will look ahead to your future to shape the personal vision that will support you going forward.

These videos are guided by me, but at your own pace. At different points you will ⏸️ pause the video to think, write and draw out your own answers. Then hit ▢️ play to resume the process.

After finishing Draw In Your New Year, these four drawings are at your fingertips to create anytime you want to reflect, plan or hit your own personal reset button.

For those of you who own my latest book, The Idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking into your own hands, you can see two of the drawings there! The Blue Drawing is what Christina draws for herself in The Objective (pages 60-64). The third drawing, the Orange one, is what Sue uses to reconnect with those people most important to her in The Connector (pages 188-192) Need The Idea Shapers? Order your copy here







How Draw In Your New Year (DIYNY) is different from other New Year's programs:

Little of your precious time

So many New Year's offerings are built around adopting a whole new systems, the shiny new planner, new productivity or time management tools. No doubt, there is a lot to gain with long-term change in habits. AND a lot of these systems don't stick, which is demotivating and frustrating.

DIYNY is a standalone tool, a set of 4 drawings. They are available for you any time. The time commitment for each drawings is 30 minutes to a few hours,  depending on how much time you want to spend. With that small investment of time, you can reap new perspectives, peace of mind, inspiration, insight and clarity.

While I do hope DIYNY helps you draw more in your life overall, this program is DRAW + DONE. Finish the videos, finish your drawings and bask in the feeling of accomplishment. 


Designed for Visual Thinkers & Hands-on Makers

If you've gotten this far, I bet I'm preaching to the choir. You're already sold on visual, spatial, hands-on ways of working. DIYNY is great excuse to break out your markers and pens (though you need very little materials to get the job done). This is your chance to make your reflections and ideas concrete and tangible.

And if you're more of an auditory person, or someone who basks in text, maybe it's time to try a different mode and see what happens?


No expiration date!

You have lifetime access to the program so that you can come back to these tools any time they will serve you.


No quibble guarantee

I offer a no-questions-asked 30 day money-back guarantee. Simply email me and let me know you want a refund. Once your registration fee is refunded, you lose access to the course and the recorded content.


Give yourself the gift of clarity β€”










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