At-a-Glance: Gold Star Graphic Facilitation |Comprehensive online course
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Brandy Agerbeck's comprehensive, online course teaching you everything you need to know about the skills, mindset, role, and responsibilities of working as a professional graphic facilitator, graphic recorder or scribe.

Here's a quick peek into one corner of the course:


The Shape of Gold Star Graphic Facilitation

This online course contains 20+ hours of video lessons over 1 orientation module and 5 content-rich modules. The videos are the core of the course, with suggested Practice Builders, Guiding Questions, and supplemental PDFs.

Here's the contents of the course: 

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Video 1 | 13:04
Welcome to Gold Star Graphic Facilitation

Video 2 | 37:55
Graphic Facilitation and Your Success Factors
4 pointers and a rule of thumb to carry forward throughout the course and your career.

Video 3 | 7:39
The 1 Thing You Should Be Doing on EVERY Project
This work is intense enough -- this simple habit will ease your path.

Video 4 | 36:49
Graphic Facilitation Project Map
A graphic facilitation project process from initial lead to final invoice. 📂

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Video 1 | 8:24
Introduction to Guiding Principles

Video 2 | 48:00
3 Critical Skills + 1 Vital Trait
What it takes to excel as a graphic facilitator.

Video 3 | 21:28
Brandy's Background
We never enter this work at square one. Brandy shares her story.

Video 4 | 27:44
Process Over Product
Why drawing as a verb' is far more vital than the final drawing we make.

Video 5 | 59:06
Spotlight On Your Work
To best serve the group, set yourself up to be seen.

Video 6 | 51:23
Right Tools for the Job
Both Brandy's choices and useful criteria for the materials we master. 📃

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Video 1 | 9:47
Introduction to Listening

Video 2 | 38:25
Outsider Ears
Recognizing the benefits and pitfalls of our role as outsider and witness.

Video 3 | 19:34
Stop + Listen
You are not a recording device! How to stay present with your fellow human beings.

Video 4  | 15:55
What We Listen for When We Listen
Five layers of listening in our distinct role as graphic facilitators.

Video 5 | 50:50
Field Guide to Speakers
Patterns in how people speak and suggestions on how to best capture them.

Video 6  |  17:48

Capturing Content vs. Capturing Process
When we need to get "meta" and capture both message and methodology.

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Video 1 | 9:00
Introduction to Thinking

Video 2 | 20:55
Size of Ideas: You
Your ability to process and organize in real-time.

Video 3 | 19:30
Size of Ideas: Group
How individual voices fit together.

Video 4 | 20:05
Size of Ideas: Drawing
Visual choices in making physical drawings.

Video 5 | 42:05
Shape of Conversation
Join an imaginary meeting to see the different shapes of our capture.

Video 6 | 23:01
The Visual Organization Scale
Banish words vs. images binary thinking with Brandy's model of spatial organization levels.

Video 7 | 23:01
Placing Bets on Structure

Creating "scaffolding" in your chart design leading to more integrated images.

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Video 1 | 9:46
Introduction to Drawing

Video 2 | 26:58
Every Mark has Meaning
A deep dive into our visual choices and how they bring value to our clients.

Videos 3-13 | ##:##
The Essential 8
Step-by-step walk through of the drawings elements that build our charts.

Video 14 | ##:##
Idea + Image
Icons, visual structures, metaphor -- the role of pictorial imagery within our role.

Video 15 | ##:##
Your Visual Vocabulary
Actively developing your own unique visual voice.

Videos 16 | ##:##

Making new meaning from what we capture in the moment.

This module unlocks 28 days after your registration date. 


Video 1 | ##:##
Introduction to In the Room

Video 2 | ##:##
Prepping for Success
From research to prep call to pre-gig jitters to what you wear -- getting ready to rock and roll.

Video 3 | ##:##
Paper Wrangling Rodeo
It is noisy, wrinkle-ready and unruly. Here's how to tame paper all through the project. 📃

Video 4 | ##:##
Your Presence is Powerful
How we stand or move has an impact; take care of yourself as you take care of the group.

Video 5 | ##:##
Seamless Team Member
How to flow and fit with the client team, even if they don't know what to do with us. 📂

Video 6 | ##:##
When Things Go Sideways
Keeping yourself all right when it goes wrong. (And it will. Humans are involved.)

Video 7 | ##:##
Filling Your Toolbox
Opportunities to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your skills. 

Video 8 | ##:##
Final Pep Talk
High fives and a boost whenever you need it.


These two lessons focus on working on paper. Every other lesson applies to any drawing surface, physical or digital. 

These two lessons overlap with Brandy's comprehensive GF business course, Graphic Facilitator Confidential

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