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Have a specific challenge to tackle? 

Brandy Agerbeck guides you in making a drawing to help you solve your problem with paper and pen.

She calls these tools

Life Shapers 

  • Easy-to-follow videos¬†
  • Simple materials
  • Repeatable¬†processes
  • Zero drawing skills required!

Shape your life one drawing at a time. 

Every Life Shaper experience: 

Carves time out and creates a safe and welcoming self-care space to reflect and explore possibilities. Set a drawing date with yourself.

Makes space to be playful and messy. Put your Inner Critic in time out. Be free to be your squishy, fuzzy, imperfect self! 

Engages your brain and heart and hands and your whole self. This process lets all of you show up: messy and tidy, thinky and feeling, uncertain and steadfast. 

Puts the power of your thinking into your own hands. Get unstuck with a temporary sketch, or get down a long-term plan of action in ink. 

Invites you to take a critical and kind look at your own Big Picture. What are the piece and how do they connect? Notice what pieces are and aren't working. 

Opens you up to discovery and magic. Your new insights and clarity will shine light on where to go next!

Available Life Shapers: 

Time Traveler

Step out of the daily grind, and give yourself space to reflect and shape your future

More info

Year Wheel

Make friends with time + see your schedule's ebbs and flows

More info

Social Map

Bolster healthy boundaries and strengthen your social circles

More info


Reconnect with yourself when life gets away from you

More info

These 4 life shapers are available in the Reset Bundle. 

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