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Are your ideas or projects SO BIG that they have you stalled out or overwhelmed?

Are you looking for a small, consistent technique to help you focus, prioritize and accomplish ALL of your ideas? 

If so, Brandy Agerbeck wants to teach you:

Tackle your BIG projects one itty bitty piece of paper at a time. 


What is Stack Magic?

At age 12 I learned a magic trick.

It enthralled me and charmed me.

In sixth grade, Mrs. Andrews taught us how to write a paper using index cards. I mean, I was already a library nerd, and anything resembling a card catalogue had me all a-flutter.

I remember my mind being blown wide open throughout that assignment. 

"Wait, all I need to do is put one idea down on each card?

Then I'm going to sort them into piles that make paragraphs?

THEN I just order those stacks into a paper?? 

🤯 🤯 🤯

This paper WRITES ITSELF." 


My 6th grade paper was on index cards, and 30+ years later, I can still see those slips of paper in my hand and that snuffles is the name of the common cold in rabbits. 

I LOVED this technique.


Then I promptly forgot it.


All through middle school, high school, and into college, I had no Stack Magic. Heck knows I could have used it. 


When I rediscovered the power of index cards late in college, I grabbed hold of them and never let go. 

This method of using modular thinking with small pieces of paper is so crucial to my visual thinking practice that I added it to my book The Idea Shapers and named it The Stack. 


Out of the 24 visual thinking concepts in The Idea ShapersThe Stack is #1 in most commented on and instantly loved. 


What makes The Stack so lovable? 

  • The Stack is the best and fastest way to reduce overwhelm.
  • The Stack breaks down the biggest of projects into doable pieces.
  • The Stack takes the simplest materials.
  • After you learn the basic principles I'll teach at Stack Magic, you can use them forever and ever. 
  • You can make pocket-sized Stacks! Stacks are the very best way to make your visual thinking practice ever-present and portable. 


Stack Magic is your one-day deep dive workshop teaching you how to use itty bitty pieces of paper to accomplish BIG things. 

Please note!

I'll share all my favorite techniques in the online course, but Stack Magic is also a working session.

You'll get so much more out of your investment of time, energy and money if you have a project to make progress on while you learn. 

This could be:

  • A book, paper, or other writing project 
  • A workshop, class, or another event to plan
  • A complex project with lots of moving parts to coordinate

And if no one project feels ready or immediate, use Stack Magic to organize and prioritize ALL of your ideas and projects.


Who is Stack Magic for? 

If you are seeking a straightforward yet sophisticated tool to reduce overwhelm, prioritize and organize your thoughts, you are welcome:

Creative Peeps, Brainstormers
Capture and collate ALL of your beautiful brain's ideas with one system.  

Task and Project Jugglers
Sort and sequence all your work so you can focus on the the Next Right Thing and get it DONE.   

Complexity Tacklers
Wrangle the "fuzzy front end" or the "messy middle" of a deliciously complex project.

Speakers, Writers, Teachers, Facilitators
Shape the messages you give and meetings you lead. 

Get to know The Stack

Here's two short (3-ish minutes each) videos to introduce you: 

What will I need to participate in Stack Magic? 

Collect these items before you start the course videos:

  • At least 100 index cards, or uniform slips of plain paper. Brandy uses 3 inch by 5 inch, but scale is your choice. A quantity of 200 is recommended. 
  • A black pen with a nib about 0.5 to 0.7mm (example: ball point pen, gel pen, Paper Mate Flair pen).
  • At least one lighter colored pen also with a 0.5 to 0.7mm nib.
  • A black marker with a 1 to 2mm nib (like a Sharpie or a small Neuland Outliner).
  • A project to practice with as seen in the yellow box above. Don't have a specific project at hand? Use your Stack to sort out your ideas, tasks, and projects overall. 

Why should I join Stack Magic?  

Register today and immediately learn how to: 

  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Capture all your ideas
  • Begin BIG projects with research or a generative phase
  • Organize throughout your BIG projects
  • Give yourself little milestones to track and celebrate
  • Collect all your later and someday ideas so you can find them again later and someday

All using one little piece of paper at a time! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of time commitment is Stack Magic?

A: In this deep dive course, you'll find 3.5 hours of learning divided over 12 videos.  They average 20 minutes each.

Since this course was created from our virtual event recording, I also include the source video with pauses to work and breaks. You can choose to watch that format if you'd prefer to set aside a day for your own workshop of one. 


Q: I'm not sure I have enough experience for this workshop. Will I feel out of place? 

A: Stack Magic is designed to meet you exactly where you are. We ALL have room to grow and explore.

The Stack is a great kickstart to those new to visual thinking, but also sophisticated enough for those well into their visual thinking practice. 


Q: What if I find the course is not meeting my needs? 

A: I offer a 30-day, "no-quibble" guarantee. Just contact me and let me know within 30 days of registering. I'll revoke your access to the course and refund you fully. 

Q: I have another question, where can I get an answer? 

A: Click on over to Brandy's  Contact Page to get her email and ask away!

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