You have one choice to make when you invest in
The Agerbeck Method: 

Go SOLO¬†with the¬†self-paced online course OR opt¬†to add STUDIO access‚ÄĒa vibrant community offering monthly practice, a comprehensive workshop vault, and the invaluable expertise of Brandy.


The Agerbeck Method

The world-class system for learning visual thinking. 

  • Self-paced, engaging, bite-sized video lessons¬†
  • Crystal clear step-by-step learning path. Starts simple and builds to sophisticated¬†techniques
  • Everything you need to master visual thinking. Just press play.¬†


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Course + Community

The Agerbeck Method with Studio Membership

Enrich your learning experience with: 

  • 2024 cohort of 10 module calls¬†to keep you on track and in community
  • Clear, steady¬†growth with the deliberate practice of monthly Drawing Bees
  • Access to Deep Dive Vault of 9 workshops¬†
  • Surprises and guest all the way.¬†


$997 course fee + 
$1970 annual membership

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Your time and energy is precious. 

You want to master visual thinking to make your life easier. 

The Studio is your calm, supportive respite away from the day-to-day noise and pressure.

Through years of member feedback, Brandy refined the community design to the 3 most joyful, efficient, and effective resources that make your visual thinking skills soar! 

Overcome learning hurdles with our Module calls.

Don't make The Agerbeck Method a course sitting on the shelf uncompleted.   

It feels awful to break a promise to yourself and waste your investment. 

Without accountability and community, it's easy to fall behind and lose motivation to finish what you started.

Brandy's been in your shoes. She has also seen exactly what helps her learners thrive. 

Top 2 factors: 

  • Deadlines
  • Community

Module Calls are the fuel to power you through to course completion. 

We begin our 2024 Module Calls in: 









You do have to do the work, but you don't have to do it alone.

Support + Accountability

Module Calls

Series of 10 calls, January through September

Bluntly, our live virtual sessions get your butt in the seat, and your learning on the calendar.

The rewards? Great guidance, conversation, sense of community every session. And you graduate in September!  

  • Tap Brandy's expertise¬†in our exclusive Q+A calls
  • Deadlines to get it DONE
  • Easily fit learning one module in the 4 weeks between the calls.
  • Enriching conversations that clarify, motivate, and keeps¬†your Inner Critic away.
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Our 2024 calendar of calls

We meet these Fridays at 11:00 am CDT/CST (GMT-5) for an hour to 90 minutes. 

Kickoff Call

January 12

Module 1:

February 9

Module 2:

March 8

Module 3:

April 2

Module 4:

May 3

Module 5:

May 24

Module 6:

June 21

Module 7:

July 19

Module 8:

August 16

Module 9:

Sept 13

The deliberate practice of our monthly Drawing Bees will transform your practice. 

Missing the deeper insights and feedback that accelerates your progress?   

Without an environment for meaningful practice and feedback, your potential remains untapped.

The Secret Sauce in the Studio are our monthly Drawing Bees. Exponential learning when we're all learning from each others' process. 

This is the challenging, yet safe, environment you will truly transform your visual thinking. 


Monthly Deliberate Practice

Drawing Bees

Once a month practice with live discussion

The ✨secret sauce✨ of the Studio - the Drawing Bee process will take you the farthest, the fastest. 

A safe, yet challenging space to "learn out loud" together by sharing our process. 

  • Gain confidence through clear, consistent skill-building.

  • Constructive, kind, non-competitive environment.

  • Equally committed studio mates ready to celebrate each other's progress.¬†

  • Every month, Brandy records an in-depth walkthrough video of her own process
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When we share our process, we go farther, faster.

When do we meet for the bees? 

You'll see our dates on your invitation.

On Sundays we meet at 10:00 am CDT/CST (GMT-5). On Tuesdays we meet at 1:00 pm CDT/CST (GMT-5). Calls are 60-90 minutes. 

Access the riches of the Deep Dive Vault. 

Reach your highest potential in your craft with this depth of resources. 

Brandy has developed the world's most comprehensive visual thinking curriculum.

In The Agerbeck Method, you build your lifelong foundation. Next, construct your stable and beautiful house of visual thinking upon it with every moment you spend in the Deep Dive Vault.

Enroll today to access this wealth of learning resources to deepen your knowledge and expand your horizons.  

Depth of Learning

Deep Dive Vault

Immersive Workshop Archive

Rich archives of 2020-2023 workshops that go into far more nuance and detail than we go in the foundational course. 

  • Never struggle with piecemeal resources that leave gaps in your knowledge again
  • Chock full of concrete tools, detailed knowledge, and the Big Picture context that makes learning stick.¬†

  • Each Deep Dive aligns with a module in The Agerbeck Method, perfectly building on your¬†core course foundation. ¬†

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 You can purchase any Deep Dive Day ala carte for $495.  

As an active member, ALL 9 of these Deep Dives are unlocked! 

Ready to make visual thinking your lifelong skill?

Start learning today by clicking on the right approach for you.

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