At-a-Glance: Visual Wunderkammern | Deep dive online course
🕰️TIME: 4.5 video hours  📅DATE: self-paced  🏷️PRICE: $497

Do you want to discover or develop your unique style?

Grab a binder, supplies and all your favorite bits and pieces!
Get curious and join Brandy Agerbeck for: 

Unlock your visual voice through collecting your curiosities

Deep Dive Day, Sunday October 25
Live online workshop from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Chicago time, CST (GMT-5) 

What is Visual Wunderkammern?

One of the top reasons people want to learn from me specifically is to develop their own style in their visual thinking practice. I'm clearly very much me, and I love to help others discover what makes them beautifully and uniquely themselves.

This workshop is designed give you both the open mind and fresh eyes for self-discovery, but also a guided structure to help you shape your reflections into a useful physical object. 

The form of that tool is a binder. 

A binder?

Can you think of anything LESS EXCITING than a binder?


Well, that is no ordinary binder. This binder becomes your Visual Wunderkammern. Your very own (very flat, very full) Cabinet of Curiosities.




Historically, wunderkammern sometimes took the form of an actually cabinet, often they filled a room, sometimes they basically grown up show-and-tell. (Here in the US, kids often had times in school they would bring in an object to share with the class.)

All through the 14th to 19th centuries these collections shared new discoveries. It could be actual specimens discovered from new worlds. Or it could be wished-for discoveries, like narwhal horns labeled as unicorn horns. It could be art pieces, capturing experiences or phenomenon in drawing or painting.

Way back when, these collections also were mighty status symbols and often acquisitions were made by questionable means. Cabinets of curiosity were the physical manifestation of colonialization. It is important to acknowledge the history and the aspects we don't want to bring into our present. 

At their best, cabinets of curiosity were about ✨WONDER.✨ 

A desire to delve into the unknown and the known.

Scientific and artistic exploration.

Collecting the weird and wonderful.

How personal these groups of objects are to the individual. 


Visual Wunderkammern is your invitation to make your own cabinet of curiosities in the shape of a binder.

What a marvelous binder, right? 

The workshop is about the process of transforming and filling the office supply staple, and having the product of the binder as a useful representation of your unique visual voice. 


Please note!

To make the most out of your experience, you'll need to spend an hour or two collecting the colors, drawings, photos, patterns, textures, a nice pile of "binder-able" items to fill your own collection. 

If you can't gather your pile before October 25th, you can use memories to reflect live. But so much of the fun is using the individual "specimens" to create your unique collections. 


Who is Visual Wunderkammern for? 

If you are interested in better understanding yourself and your work, you are welcome:

Curious Humans
Enjoy a day of self-exploration and boosting your creativity.

Beginning Visual Thinkers
Recognize your influences and distinguish your unique approach.  

Experienced Visual Thinkers
Step out of your patterns to refine and describe your distinctions.

Artists, Crafters, Makers
Notice what you're drawn and recharge your love in your making.

Where and When will Visual Wunderkammern take place? 

Visual Wunderkammern will take place live online Sunday, October 25 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Chicago time, CST (GMT-5).

The workshop will take place on Zoom. The archive of the workshop will be in your Library. If you've purchased other courses from Brandy, use the same email as before to get all your resources in the same place. (Reach out to Brandy if you have multiple emails and want them consolidated.) You will have lifetime access to Visual Wunderkammern. Come back to the experience any time you've want. 

What will I need to participate in Visual Wunderkammern? 

  • The #1 most important element is giving yourself the gift of time. The 1-2 hours to gather your curiosities in "magpie mode." The six hours for the live workshop. And any time afterwards you spend adding to or using your binder.  
  • A lovely pile of flat items: clippings, color swatches, your work, work of your favorite people, scraps of paper, fabric, trim, whatever you love, copies of heirlooms, photos of favorite three-dimensional objects or places. 
  • A binder
  • Plastic binder sleeves are useful
  • Any favorite drawing and writing tools (i.e. pens, pens, markers, etc.)
  • Cardstock
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape

Why should I join Visual Wunderkammern?  

  • You are looking to discover and define your unique style. 
  • You admire other people's work and style, but it feels like "magic" and want to demystify how one's approach develops.
  • You've got a strong style, but have never stepped back and taken a look at it. 
  • You want to be able to better describe your unique style.
  • You are feeling creatively stuck and want a friendly environment to get your creative juices moving again. 
  • You want to give yourself time to play, work with your hands, and have some frickin' FUN

Ready to create your own Visual Wunderkammern? 

You have three options for registering: 

Visual Wunderkammern is one of the three annual Deep Dive Days included in the Camp Drawmore, Brandy's online membership community. You can click here for all the programs information. Your annual membership includes three one-day live workshops, in October, February, and June. Enrollment is only open these three windows a year.

1 | You are welcome to join us for just for the day at Visual Wunderkammern.

2 | You can join Camp Drawmore to begin your year-long commitment to your visual practice beginning with Visual Wunderkammern and pay 12 monthly payments.

3 | Or save 20% and pay for your year in Camp Drawmore in one annual payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of time commitment is Visual Wunderkammern?

A: This experience is designed to take about 1-2 hour of prep before the live workshop. It's the fun of bein in "magpie mode," collecting your favorites. And collecting the useful supplies to gather supplies.

The live, deep dive day is the core of your time investment. But an investment well-rewarded with the time and space to be creative, better get to know yourself and your work, and have some frickin' fun. 

How much time you spent after our workshop is up to you. If new "Ahas" arise after the day, keep adding them to your wunderkammern. Ideally, your binder becomes an invaluable source of inspiration and growth that you keep coming back to.


Q: I'm not sure I have enough experience for this workshop. Will I feel out of place? 

A: Visual Wunderkammern is designed to meet you exactly where you are. We ALL have room to grow and explore. 

Much of the day will be your own work with your materials with me there as your guide.

There will be a couple opportunities to share your experience with others. In no way will that be competitive. No bullying will be tolerated. (I feel silly even saying that, because the best people join me, so I know you'll be in great company.)

The more items you collect before October 25th, and the more open you are to look at those items with fresh eyes, the more you'll get from your Visual Wunderkammern experience.

Also, you can always return to the archive videos any time to return to the exercises and see how you and your work has developed.  


Q: What if I can't join you on October 25th? 

A: Part of your purchase is the video archive of the day. You will miss the camaraderie of the live time together, but plenty to experience at your own time and at your own pace. 


Q: What if I can't attend or want a refund?

A: For the line workshop, through October 23, you can email Brandy and transfer your registration to a friend, by sending the friend's name and email. Your access will be revoked. 

After the event, refunds are available up to 30 days after registration. 

Q: I have another question, where can I get an answer? 

A: Click on over to Brandy's  Contact Page to get her email and ask away!