Visual Thinking Keynotes + Workshops

Visual thinking pioneer Brandy Agerbeck offers both in-person and virtual training on:

  • visual thinking
  • visual listening
  • visual tools for facilitation
  • graphic facilitation

Brandy excels at customizing learning to your team, audience, or event needs. 

She can be the sage on the stage in presentation mode with an interactive keynote.

Warning:  All sessions include hands-on learning. 

Visual thinking is a skill set that shines in the workshop format. Brandy seamlessly slides into guide on the side, blending demonstration time, hands-on exercises, and plenty of Q&A.

On the left a line drawing of a brain in a jar with a X through it. It is labeled Brain Bias. VERSUS. On the right a line drawing of a person with the label Whole Body

On this page you'll see a handful of formats and topics.

At the bottom of the page is a contact form you can use to reach out to Brandy with your audience and event needs. 

Idea Shapers Keynote

Let's co-create a session your participants will rave about!

Brandy has demystified visual thinking by breaking it down into oh-so-learnable pieces she calls "idea shapers."

Your participants ‚ÄĒ no matter their background or drawing ability ‚ÄĒ can learn the 4 most versatile ones in an hour. Brandy ends with a rule of thumb that both shushes the inner critic and makes space for innovative breakthroughs.

Brandy can weave your events theme, colors, and your audience's needs and desires throughout the session.


An off-the-shelf keynote is often 45 to 60 minutes. Partner with Brandy and you get a teacher, speaker, and facilitator all in one. 

We can transition from a learning-rich keynote into immediate practice of new skills. For example, a guided exercise as individuals, or work in breakout groups. 

Visual Thinking Keynote

  • A great meeting opener that signals that this is not business as usual...
  • ...And gives¬†the audience¬†new tools and techniques to use all event long.
  • Giving participants the session supplies to keep creates a generous, empowered culture
  • ... Plus the opportunity to brand the materials makes
    your event unforgettable
  • Ask Brandy how to integrate her session into your meeting design
  • When participants immediately put their new techniques into practice tackling their own challenges, the engagement is unbeatable!
Discuss an interactive keynote with Brandy

Visual Thinking Workshop

Vitals of Visual THINKING

Give your team the concrete tools to draw out their best ideas, strategies, and plans for action.

Think about your team. Do you have:

  • Big Picture Thinkers who need concrete tools to bring their ideas to life?
  • Complex challenges in your organization and people who struggle to see how all the pieces fit together?
  • Quieter teammates or neurodiverse folks who have great ideas but aren't the first or loudest to speak up?
  • Folks who are burnt out or in a pandemic-induced rut? Want to give them new tools that both reengage their mind and spirit while also giving them great new ways to collaborate?

Despite the popularity of the left-brain/right-brain myth, people aren't either creative or analytical. A visual thinker or not.

We all are whole human beings who want to be less overwhelmed and do more meaningful work.

We are all capable of learning the Vitals of Visual THINKING.

‚ėĚÔłŹ Notice the emphasis on THINKING? Yep. We are not talking doodles. Brandy teaches concrete, repeatable techniques that truly organize your thinking.

At your fingertips, you will always have the tools to:

  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Create clarity
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Increase collaboration
  • Work in the great overlap of creativity and critical thinking.

The workshop length and design is crafted to your team's needs.

A half-day cram session isn't ideal for busy brains, but can inject new ways of thinking into the mix.

In a full day, we focus on the skill-building, covering about 8 idea shapers.

A two-day format gives the magic sleep-on-it factor, ample Q+A, and practice time working with the team's specific challenges.


Contact Brandy to adapt Vitals to your needs

Facilitation workshop

First Rate Flipcharts

2 Days | In-person

Craft the 10 crucial flipcharts that transform meetings from meh to masterful.

Leave with Brandy's system of field-proven formats that change meeting culture in your organization and with your clients forever.

Get crystal clear on your meeting's objectives and scope with the first 5 flips.

Stop the snoozy pages full of text. Practice capturing spatially and visually for more engaging and meaningful capture. 

Help your team and clients truly see and touch their work.  


Wall space, flipcharts, room size impacts ideal group size.

Reach out to Brandy to discuss First Rate Flipcharts

Listening Workshop

Visual Listening

Tune into and turn up your listening skills with paper and pen.

How do you make someone feel valued?

You listen.

The most basic need of being heard and understood is too easily lost in a world of rushing, pushing, and noise.

Being a better listener is the #1 way to make a difference in every relationship. 

When you make what you hear visible and tangible through very simple visual thinking techniques,  someone's voice is undeniable. 

From 27 years of  graphic facilitation work, Brandy dissected conversation and defined 10 listening keys. 

These are spatial cues in language that tell you exactly how one comment fits with the next. 

Once you learn these cues, you will hold the keys to:  

  • Bust linear list-making habits to map out what someone is saying
  • See the patterns and capture themes
  • Make connections between speakers and their ideas
  • Use paper and pen to validate what you are hearing, fix what was off, fill in what was missing, and come to true understanding.
  • Help those you serve feel truly listened to.¬†


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