Keynote Speeches and Workshops

with Brandy Agerbeck

International visual thinking expert and creator of The Idea Shapers

 Topic Areas

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Neurodiversity

Skills Taught

  • Critical Thinking
  • Facilitation
  • Listening
  • Visual Communication
  • Visual Thinking

Keynote Topics

Visual thinking session

Your Power is in Your Hands

Brandy's signature keynote ‚ÄĒ
Visual thinking principles crafted to reinforce your events themes and support your audience's needs. 


Executive function session

Brilliant! How Visual Thinking Lights Up Your Mind

Boost executive function by getting out of your head! 

Ideal for educators, mental health professionals, and neurodiverse audiences.


Listening skills session

I See What You're Saying

Five factors for legendary listening. 

For all professions where listening is crucial.


Visual communication session

From Cloudy to Clarity: 

Hands-on tools to make your message crystal clear


Presentation strategy session


Shape your session to be engaging, memorable, and treasured




"Brandy is a triple threat.

World class expert, top-notch trainer, and seamless facilitator.

Learn from the best." 

Patricia Martin

Author, Researcher,
and host of the podcast 
Jung in the World

Engaging and chock full of immediately useful and repeatable tools, Brandy Agerbeck's sessions make your event unforgettable.

Brandy teaches hands-on techniques and crafts experiences specific to your content and audience. 

To guide your design, here are 3 potential levels of delivery ‚ÄĒ

Level 1


45 to 60 min

  • Delivery of well-structured, visually clear and bold talk

Level 2


90 min

  • Expanded talk with hands-on audience exercises

  • Customization of exercises to event themes and goal

Level 3

Interactive Session
into Small Group Facilitation

2 to 4 hrs

  • Brandy seamlessly segues into facilitating a small group exercise or breakout groups

  • Immediate application of keynote‚Äôs tools towards the meeting‚Äôs next objective, or real-world scenarios

  • Wrap up with teams reporting out or debrief of new process and tools

Contact Brandy about your events unique needs


With 27 years of behind-the-scenes experience as an event professional, Brandy understands event design, logistics, and how to be your favorite, breeze-to-work-with speaker on your agenda.

Brandy brings: 

  • Dedicated virtual event studio
  • Visual integration of session materials to your event branding
  • Suggested space for in-person workshops in Chicago


First Rate Flipcharts

Facilitation workshop
2 days | In-person | Up to 20 people

Craft the 10 crucial flipcharts that transform meetings from meh to masterful.


Visual Listening

Listening workshop
1-2 days | Virtual or In-person | Group size variable

Tune into and turn up your listening skills with paper and pen.


Vitals of Visual Thinking

Visual thinking workshop
1 days | Ideal for virtual | Group size variable

Give your team the concrete tools to draw out their best ideas, strategies, and plans for action.

Past clients include: 

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