The Idea Shapers Tour

Unfortunately, we didn't get enough people signed up to make this workshop happen and it has been cancelled. 

The Idea Shapers Tour is a systematic visual thinking survey course that leads you through the 24 visual thinking concepts of Brandy Agerbeck's 2016 book, The Idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking into your own hands.

Whether you are brand new to visual thinking, or have experience and seek a more integrated visual practice, this workshop welcomes you.

Co-hosted by Markus Engelberger, The next tour open to the public is March 15-17, 2020 in Yspertal, Austria.

If you want to bring this learning experience into your organization, contact Brandy.

Experience the vitals of visual thinking.

Grab you your passport to the rich world of visual thinking! As a respected, international leader in the field, Brandy Agerbeck has broken down the complexity of visual thinking into 24 accessible, concrete “idea shapers.” This workshop is your tour through these techniques and drawing as an endlessly adaptable thinking tool. New lands await!


Both Viewer and Maker

Our tour will show you just how skilled you already are as a viewer of visual language — and give you all the tools to zoom as a maker too.

Clarify your Thinking

This is not mindless doodling. This is making great work happen with paper and pen. We emphasize the thinking in visual thinking.

Hands-On Experience

Brandy excels breaking down complex topics into accessible pieces, but the "stickiest" learning is from experience. Plenty of hands-on exercises in our two days together.

Brandy and Markus describe this unique opportunity:


Who this workshop is for

Think only artists and designers can be visual thinkers?


Brandy’s gives every participant — no matter their background or skill level — concrete tools and methods to use time and again.

This workshop welcomes:

  • Those new to visual thinking who desire a clear, systematic approach.
  • More experienced visual practitioners who are seeking more spatial organization and integration in your drawings. 
  • Professional graphic facilitators and recorders who want to level up the meaning-making you create for your clients.
  • Agile and SCRUM professionals looking to improve the visual tools you use to support process. 
  • Communicators (writers, speakers, communication professionals) eager to share your message and have it remembered and understood by your audiences.
  • Educators looking to incorporate visual thinking into your classroom, to boost student focus, rentention and critical thinking. 
  • Anyone who tackles complex projects and needs tools that help you see The Big Picture and how the pieces fit into place.


Think of our two-day workshop as a hop-on hop-off bus tour. 

We'll cover a lot of terrain, learning all 24 "idea shapers." Occassionally, we will "get off the bus" to explore a visual thinking concept in more depth, with a hands-on exercise. 

Brandy Agerbeck is your tour guide. While she is more than prepared to show you all the sights, she also welcomes question all along the way. 


March 15-17, 2020
Sunday: Dinner together
Monday: Day 1 of the workshop
Monday: Day 1 of the workshop


The next Idea Shapers Tour is a rare treat! A retreat feel given our mountainside location two-hours outside of Vienna in Yspertal. Thanks to co-host Markus Engelberger who brings us this beautiful venue, Landhotel Yspertal, for our learning and time together. 

Registration Fees

The Idea Shapers Tour costs € 1.600,- and includes: 

  • Two days of instruction
  • Accommodations onsite (Sunday and Monday nights)
  • Materials
  • Meals
  • A copy of The Idea Shapers book

Early Bird offer for first 10 participants: € 1.400,-.

Workshop is limited to 20 people, so secure your spot now by contacting Markus Engelberger to arrange registration and payment.

TO REGISTER: Markus Engelberger is coordinating registration for this workshop.  Click the button below for details and to get your spot. 


This event has been cancelled. Not enough people enrolled to be a GO.

Brandy Agerbeck takes great care to cultivate learning environments of respect, safety to try, the challenges to make us all better, responsiveness and joy.


If you have any questions about this workshop and if it is right for you, please ask



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