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as a visual thinker, join Brandy Agerbeck in: 

Camp Drawmore is always open!

At its core, Camp Drawmore is a online membership community for visual thinkers, hosted by Brandy Agerbeck. Every time you log in, you can access: 

Visual Lens

Curated inspiration + discussion
See the world and your work in a new way
New each month

Community Forum

Ongoing online forum
Tune into your work and fellow campers anytime, anywhere


Hands-on experience aligned with lens
Active learning in our supportive community
1-2 hours/month

Every month brings a special treat...

Each month you'll experience one of the following features: 

Deep Dive Day

One-day immersions
Live, online workshops delving into a topic or skill
3x year

Campfire Chats

Live, online conversations
Celebrate our successes, appreciate each other, share stories
5x year

Care Packages

Physical Packages
Supplies for upcoming challenges, prototypes, new products, gifties!
3x year

When you register now, your membership includes these 3 live Deep Dive Days: 

February 20, 2021

FROM:  Overwhelm, muddled mental models, and project progress at a glacial pace 🡆 TO: Organized thinking with clear priorities, sequence and structure

June 12, 2021

FROM:  Lousy listening; Ephemeral conversations lost to time and memory 🡆 TO: Time spent together made powerful through acute and active listening

October 16, 2021

FROM: “Clown barf” – too much color, not enough meaning  🡆 TO: Sharp color smarts for clear & beautiful idea shaping

WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: For all who want to grasp and master this crucial element in visual intelligence.

Camp Drawmore registration is open through February 22. You can register with a monthly subscription, or pay annually and get all 12 months of fun for the price of 10: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of time commitment is Camp Drawmore?

A: The #1 reason folks leave membership communities is that it's too much and they feel overwhelmed. Brandy designed Camp Drawmore to be a joy, not a burden. She curates great inspiration for you, crafts a monthly quest (about 1-2 hours to complete), and hosts the ongoing forum which you can take a quick dip into or go deep. 

Camp Drawmore includes 3 one-day Deep Dive online workshops. Brandy encourages you to clear the time on your calendar, because they are best experienced live. There will be recording if you can't join us. 

Five time a year (every other month), Brandy host a Campfire Conversation. If you loved the breakout groups during ENVISION, don't miss these.

Q: How do the payment options work? 

A: You join Camp Drawmore for a year's membership. You have two choices: pay monthly, or pay the year in full. 

With the monthly payment, you make twelve payments of $147. This totals $1764. Eleven months into your membership, you'll get a notice that your next year will renew automatically. 

If you pay for the whole year at once, you not only get two months free, you get the pay-in-full bonus of The Agerbeck Method online course. 

Q: How do I cancel my membership?  

A: By registering, you are committing to a year of membership.

You can certainly cancel renewal before your renewal date. Your access to the community will end a year from your registration date. 

Q: I have another question, where can I get an answer? 

A: Click on over to Brandy's  Contact Page to get her email and ask away!