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Interested in getting ongoing information from Brandy Agerbeck, but not sure if she's going add more noise in your inbox?

This page spells out how Brandy uses her email to send out a clear, consistent signal about her visual thinking work. 

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  • Your data is never shared.
  • Any ads or affiliate links (i.e. commission earned) are disclosed.
  • Unsubscribe any time with the link in every email's footer.¬†
  • Legitimately¬†limited time offers may show countdowns.
  • No false urgency, scarcity, hype, or hustle culture nonsense.¬†

You are thinking of signing up because you are looking for tools to improve your life. 

Message from Brandy ‚ÄĒ

I've got lots of great free and paid resources to learn visual thinking. You are always welcome to explore this site to find them. 

I can also give you an ongoing tour of my tools via email. 

I launched this site in 1999 to share my work.

Back in olden days, finding a great website was discovering  someone's digital haven. Getting their email was personal.

Now? The environment is less human and more hostile.

We're constantly dodging ads, pop-up windows, clickbait links. 

Exhausting, isn't it?

I'm in the business of reducing overwhelm and teaching you the visual tools that help you create clarity. 

I don't want my business to create more noise in your life.

I don't take your inviting me into your Inbox for granted.

If you choose to subscribe to my emails, here are 3 types of emails you will see from me:


1 | Ongoing "conversation" about visual thinking tools, models, stories.

My "turtle messages" are ongoing series of daily, automated emails to share my models, tell helpful stories, and show sneak peeks into my paid resources. 

I craft each one to support my mission of helping you become a lifelong visual thinker. 

2 | Quick-like-a-Bunny updates 
Short emails to announce:

  • A new video or article
  • When¬†an event¬†is open for registration
  • The rare special on a course

I will hop in with a short email pointing you to it right away. 

3 | Course or Event announcements 
Keeping my learners in the loop, I send out system emails: 

  • Information about an event¬†you¬†registered for
  • Updates on a course you've purchased
  • Subscription renewal reminders, or that access is ending on a limited-time program¬†

You may get more than one email a day. 

My one-woman tech setup is not sophisticated enough to pause a¬†ūüźĘ to send a¬†ūüďʬ†or¬†ūüźá.¬†

Your patience is appreciated ‚ÄĒ always feel free to use that delete key!¬†

You can always unsubscribe using the link in every email's footer. 

If you do unsubscribe, you'll still receive receipts when you purchase a program, and course update announcements. All other quick updates, renewal reminders and "turtle messages" will end. 

It is a gift to be able to connect with you.

Thank you again for choosing to learn more about me and my work. 

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