What is Visual Thinking?

What is Visual Thinking?

by Brandy Agerbeck, Loosetooth.com

Visual Thinking is making a drawing to help yourself or the people you work with make meaning of your life, work, and the world around you.

Writing is linear, and lining up your thoughts, feelings, and ideas into words, sentences, and paragraphs can be limiting.

Drawing out your ideas lets you put your ideas anywhere on the page. Making countless choices about size, color, style, placement, connecting one idea to the next. 

These drawings are your first step, or next step, in making great things happen. 

Visual Thinking includes:

  • bullet journaling
  • concept maps
  • data visualization
  • flowcharts
  • graphic facilitation
  • mindmaps
  • scribing
  • sketchnotes
  • visual notetaking
  • whiteboarding

In this video:

 20+ great ways to use your visual thinking skills

 3 mental blocks that stop us thinking visually 

 The problem with icons

 9 very learnable aspects to making visual thinking your lifelong skill 


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As I said in my 2021 video, my work, my joy is in teaching you all about the countless choices that make up your drawings. I offer resources across many modalities to help you make visual thinking your skill for life. 


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Visual thinking pioneer Brandy Agerbeck writes, speaks and teaches on the power of drawing as your best thinking tool. Learn more at Loosetooth.com.

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