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Hello Visual Thinkers! 

Sketchnoters, mindmappers, journalers, scribes, visual practitioners, makers of diagrams, drawers of thoughts, sticky note slingers,
(or if you are simply
join me October 7-9, 2022 for

ENVISION: Visual Thinkers Virtual Expo is the premiere global gathering for visual thinkers. Brandy Agerbeck hosts this can't-miss live October 7-9, 2022. 

Are you a visual thinker?

Visual thinking is an integral part of our lives and yet it's often overlooked as a valuable skill in our professional and personal lives.

It’s time to change that!

Join us at ENVISION and learn how to unlock your creativity, tap into your intuition, and become more productive than ever before.

You'll leave with new ideas, tools for success, and new connections  with other like-minded people who share your passion for bringing their vision into reality through visual thinking.


We're not talking capital-A Art here -- we mean sketchnoting, whiteboarding, mindmapping, visual journaling, using visual tools as facilitators, leaders, speakers, managers -- the possibilities are endless!

This isn't just another Zoom conference where you sit around listening to speakers while you fold laundry.



We’ve got an engaging and inspiring full 3 days with hands-on and interactive sessions. ๐Ÿ‘‰ That’s why you’ll want to register by Sept 23 to get your kit in time.

Plus, there will be plenty of opportunities to re-connect with yourself. To give yourself the time and space to draw, breath, reflect. To up your creative confidence, ENVISION your life in new ways, recharge as a whole human being. Investments in yourself that last beyond the expo itself.

The best way to truly understand what makes ENVISION different from any other conference is simply attending yourself.

Register NOW and secure your spot! 


Picture your future and practice, and the future full of visual thinking!

Visual Thinkers

Is getting your hands on your ideas your jam? Join us. 


Connect from anywhere for the livestreamed event and online forum.


Exposure to new ideas, perspectives, and methods.

Plus, Brandy โค๏ธs the grandeur and discovery of world fairs. How could she pass up the chance to host an expo? 

At ENVISION, you can: 

Express yourself through visual thinking

  • Shove your Inner Critic out of the way
  • Gain hands-on tools to make your thoughts, feelings, and ideas come alive
  • Clarify your unique visual voice

Grow your visual practice

  • Boost your confidence in this friendly learning space
  • Unleash your potential with paper and pen
  • See your visual thinking success path clearly

Stretch your mind and get inspired

  •  Watch how our speakers have rocked visual tools across real-world challenges
  • Fill your inspiration tank to fuel future projects
  • Discover new tools to tackle old problems

Realign your values and actions

  • Reconnect with what matters most to you
  • Draw out your purpose and your path forward
  • Leave ENVISION recharged and ready to roll

Connect with our global community

  • Nerd out together across borders and time zones
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Enjoy the company of people who, like you, are kind to each other and hard on ourselves

Get present and ready to play!

  • Give yourself the space to slow down and be yourself
  • Relax in our supportive environment
  • Enjoy a weekend full of play, humor, and joy

Your host shares the shape of our three days together.


"Y'all, I just finished one of the most invigorating, inspiring, informative weekends of my adult life ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š HYOOGE gratitude to @loosetoothcom and her team for an amazing online expo!"

Hayley Croom

Not sure if ENVISION is for you?

Watch Brandy share 17 Signs You May Be a Visual Thinker


Whether you are a dabbler, a doer, or a devotee of visual thinking, ENVISION welcomes all experience levels.

If you use visual thinking in a professional role, welcome.

If you use visual thinking as a personal productivity tool, welcome.

If you aren't really sure HOW to think visually...?! Welcome! 

ENVISION is a friendly and engaging event to help you:

  • Connect with fellow "unicorns with pencil horns"
  • Reconnect to your visual thinking practice
  • Get oh-so-inspired by our guest speakers, engaging sessions, Brandy's big picture thinking/teaching, and our glorious global community. 
  • Learn concrete methods for staying centered in this uncertain world
  • Get motivated to make and keep visual thinking your tool for life


"I truly enjoyed the time spent at the conference last year getting to know other people and exchanging knowledge in order to expand the field of visual thinkers.

"It was a remarkable and creative way to bring together people from all over the world virtually. I’m looking forward to Envision 2021."

Renatta Algalarrondo


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to get your event kit in time! 

Special Thanks to Neuland, for always being a fantastic partner to and for sponsoring ENVISION. Brandy is proud to be a Neuland Ambassador and share the very best tools during our three days together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm trying to get ENVISION on my schedule. What are the hours each day? 

A: Check out the table below for the schedule. All times throughout the communications and the event will be Chicago time (GMT-5), where Brandy is. 

Thursday, Oct 6
2:30 to 4:00 pm
Pre-ENVISION Welcome party for All-Access members

Friday, Oct 7
10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Day 1: Connection

 Saturday, Oct 8
10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Day 2: Inspiration

7:00 to 8:30 pm
Ask Brandy Anything Session

Sunday, Oct 9
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Day 3: Motivation

Like any event, times may "wiggle" over the course of the day, but Brandy believes in respecting your time and energy. 

Click on the image to open a printable PDF of the schedule: 

Q: Okay, where is the detailed schedule? 

A: No detailed schedule will be shared. Where's the fun in that? Brandy assures you that her and her guest speakers have filled the three days with valuable content and experiences you don't want to miss. 

Q: Will the sessions be recorded? 

A: The plenary sessions will be recorded and shared in the event forum for ALL-ACCESS attendees 30 days after the event. ENVISION is designed to be experienced live. 

Q: What's the difference between the regular registration and ALL-ACCESS? 

A: All attendees receive: 

  • 3 days live online together
  • Physical package of goodies arriving just before we go live
  • 3 weeks live access to the (Brandy's online membership community) to share images and connect  

ALL-ACCESS attendees also receive:

  • A welcome party Thursday, September 16
  • An after-hours Ask Brandy Anything session on October 8
  • Recordings of the plenary sessions posted to your Loosetooth Library

Q: I registered for the regular ticket. How can I upgrade to ALL-ACCESS?

A: Click here to pay for the $200 upgrade fee and be automatically upgraded. 

Q: You're sending me a package? How will it be sent and will I be charged fees?

A: If you register before Sept 23, a package will be sent via FedEx to arrive shortly before the event. 

Your package will contain the event work/sketchbook, exercise handouts, Neuland pens, and a few other goodies to complement your experience. 

If you are outside of the US, you may be charged fees to receive your package. 

If you would rather opt out of receiving a package, you'll see a field on the check out page to opt out. 

If you choose to do so, or your package doesn't arrive before the event, you'll be given an option to print out the PDF workbook pages and handouts at home. 

Q: What if I register after September 23rd??

A: We'll keep sending packages every business day, but yours may not reach you in time. September 23rd gives us a comfy two-week window for your package to travel to your mailbox. 

Q: I've attended ENVISION before. How will 2022 be different?

A: You're definitely going to see some greatest hits, and Brandy is inviting new special guests and creating new experiences. 

Brandy's hope is that you'll attend again and again as your annual recharge in your visual thinking practice and to connect with our brilliant community.

The kits will look familiar with an updated work/sketchbook and session goodies. If you want to opt out of a new kit, let us know upon checkout. You can download and print the program at home. 

Q: My son/daughter/niece/nephew/kiddo loves to draw can they attend ENVISION

A: The event is designed for adults. There's nothing in these three days that will be detrimental to children or teens. Maybe a stray swear word or two. But children are very likely to be bored. An older teen who likes hanging out with the adults may be AOK.

This is more of a retreat than drawing workshop. By all means, if you want your kids to sit in with you as you attend, they are welcome to.  

Q: I'm trying to convince my boss to send me to ENVISION. Help me make my case.  

A: Depends on your boss and your role. :^)  All in all, ENVISION is a retreat or interest group conference. It is great recharge time, designed to help you cultivate personal development, creativity, reflection and vision.

If you are the lone visual thinker on your team, ENVISION connects you to the community, new perspectives, tools and techniques. 

If you deliver virtual events or training, Brandy's design is chock full of best practices. 

ENVISION is not a workshop. If you're looking for direct visual thinking training, join Vitals of Visual THINKING on December 9th.

Q: Can I buy a one day pass?  

A: No, this is designed as full three-day experience. 

Q: I have another question, where can I get an answer? 

A: Click on over to Brandy's  Contact Page to get her email and ask away! Please start your subject line with "ENVISION Q."

Q: What if I need to cancel?  

A: Refunds available up until 14 days before the event. No refunds after September 23, 2022.




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