Hello Visual Thinkers! 

Sketchnoters, mindmappers, journalers, scribes, visual practitioners, makers of diagrams, drawers of thoughts, sticky note slingers,
(or if you are simply
clear September 17-19, 2021 on your calendar for

ENVISION: Visual Thinkers Virtual Expo is the premiere global gathering for visual thinkers. Brandy Agerbeck hosts this can't miss live event September 17-19, 2021.



Picture your future and practice, and the future full of visual thinking!

Visual Thinkers

Is getting your hands on your ideas is your jam? Join us. 


Connect from anywhere for the livestreamed event and online forum.


Exposure to new ideas, perspectives, and methods.

Plus, Brandy ❤️s the grandeur and discovery of world fairs. How could she pass up the chance to host an expo? 

This is Brandy Agerbeck and 17 Signs You May Be a Visual Thinker.


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