At-a-Glance: LUCID Listening | Deep Dive online course
🕰️TIME: 4.5 video hours  📅DATE: self-paced  🏷️PRICE: $497

If you are a good listener, you can rule the world. 

Listening for yourself helps you learn fast and make greater meaning.

Listening to others well in any role sets you a cut above. When friends, family, and teammates feel truly listened to your relationships are transformed. 

To learn WHAT to capture in what you hear,
and HOW to distill every point, join Brandy Agerbeck in her online course —

In this online course, learn to: 

Acknowledge obstacles and remove what you can

Clear up confusion and amibiguity

ID your distractions from being a fully present listener

Remove the noise to better hear the signal

Notice what verbal flourishes aid or distract 

Discern the pertinent points as you listen

Listen for structure in language

Listen for themes that tie points together

Make the mental space to discover new insights

LUCID Listening, gives you the tools to

Create greater meaning for yourself and those you listen to, becoming a legendary listener.


Who is this online course for?  

Being an excellent listener makes us quicker learners, clearer thinkers, better collaborators, more valuable team members, and more connected to those we love.


Professional Listeners
You focus and attention are golden. Refine your skills with techniques that feel you up to be more fully present. 

Visual Thinkers & Sketchnoters
Hone your ability to discern and distill the most important points of what you hear. 

LUCID Listening is for you if you:  


  • Aim to be more present with your loved ones and teammates, able to truly hear and reflect back what they are saying.
    ☝️ Feeling listened to goes beyond nods and brief affirmations. 

  • Take notes on autopilot and go for quantity. Stop treating yourself like a recording device! Learn to listen for understanding, not quantity. 

  • Strive to be concise when capturing points. 

  • Feel like your listening skills are hijacked when you're also writing or drawing. In LUCID Listening, we'll assess how to make the most of your precious attention.

  • Struggle to sort out what's worth remembering and what to leave behind.


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About your instructor

Global visual thinking pioneer Brandy Agerbeck teaches you how to reclaim drawing as your best thinking tool so you can see and shape your life and your work in new ways.

In 2016, Brandy published The Idea Shapers: the power of putting your thinking in your own hands, an approachable and engaging visual thinking guide based on her 2013 TEDx Talk, Shape Your Thinking.

Teaching online through video, live virtually, and in-person, Brandy is a “triple threat” of world-class expert, top-notch trainer and seamless facilitator.

Want to learn more about Brandy? Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not sure I have enough experience for this online course. Will I feel out of place? 

A: LUCID Listening is designed to meet you exactly where you are. We ALL have room to grow and explore. 

This Deep Dive online course is designed for anyone who wants to listen better and more clearly organize their thoughts and what they hear. 


Q: How visual is this? Do I need to know how to draw??

A: No, no drawing experience is necessary. LUCID Listening focuses on strengthening your listening skills and choosing the right words to capture each point.  This is Brandy's most verbal/text based course. 


Q: What kind of time commitment is LUCID Listening? 

A: The online course contains 7+ hours of video footage. 

You will need to continue to put all of these tools into practice.

You do need to do the work. But you don't need to do the work alone. Give yourself this course to change how you listen and how well you listen forever


Q: If I have The Agerbeck Method, do I need LUCID Listening?

The Agerbeck Method is the comprehensive online course on visual thinking. "AgMe" helps you build your lifelong foundation through a series of 9 modules. Each one focuses on a category of your choices as a visual thinker. 

LUCID Listening is a deep dive into Module 3: TEXT's topic on distilling.

Q: Wait, how does this course relate your Visual Listening course? 

A: Great question! In Visual Listening, we dive deep into the spatial cues in language that tells us how ideas relate to each other. LUCID Listening is for anyone who wants to improve their listening skills and ability to distill what they hear. 

I you want to learn both skillsets, Brandy recommends learning LUCID Listening first, following by Visual Listening for the best sequence to build your skills. 

Q: Can you teach LUCID Listening to my team?

A: Absolutely. Reach out to Brandy about a custom workshop (virtual or in-person), a group rate on the online course, or some other format that works best for your learning objectives.  


Q: What if I want a refund?

A: I offer a 30-day, no-quibble guarantee. If this course isn't what you need, reach out to Brandy to see if she can clarify any questions for you, transfer you to a better course, or promptly send you a full refund. 

Q: I have another question, where can I get an answer? 

A: Click on over to Brandy's  Contact Page to get her email and ask away!