How is swimming like visual thinking?

Brandy Agerbeck explains how these two life skills parallel each other 

In this video: 
  • 3 moments in Brandy's swimming life
  • 5 ways learning to swim mirrors learning visual thinking
  • What is the purpose and shape of a pool?
  • The visual thinking pool
  • How Brandy built the pool backwards
  • 4 ways to easily enter the visual thinking pool

4 Ways to slip into the visual thinking pool

As described in the video, here are four great entry points: 

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The Beginner's Blueprint:

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Visual Thinking 101

Knowing that learning visual thinking takes time, Brandy asked herself, "What can I teach you if I had one hour of your attention?"

Visual Thinking 101 knocks out mental blocks and teaches you the bridge between your intangible thoughts, feelings, and ideas and making them tangible with paper and pen. 

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Brandy Agerbeck's Life Shapers are guided drawings design to bring reflection, insight, and action to real-life challenges.

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Go Deeper into Visual Thinking

Learn all of the visual thinking fundamentals in 

The Agerbeck Method

The core comprehensive course on visual thinking. Brandy leads you on a clear path learning step-by-step via video lessons.

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