Visual Thinking for Communication 

Communicating clearly is vital to my work, but I struggle to shape what I want to say.

Struggle to get your message out into the world?

Right now you’ve got important ideas to share, but you’re lacking a focused vision.

You are ready to knock it off and whip your writing, speaking, or teaching into shape.

Currently, you’ve got endless bits and pieces, but the trouble is finding the structure to put it all in.

Not only needed for your own relief, your audiences need you to guide them along a clear path.

Not into the rabbit hole you’ve fallen into.

If this description tracks, you may be a...

Message Makers & Communication Shapers

You are motivated by getting your message out into the world and understood.

Visual thinking is vital to both sides of communication:

  1. Internally
    Clarify, shape & strengthen your message itself. Refine how you will lead your readers, learners, and viewers through what you have to teach.

    ‚¨ú Are you taking your audience along a path with steps? 
    ‚¨ú Would a model or diagram give big-picture context? 
    ‚¨ú Does a visual metaphor make your work more understandable?

  2. Externally
    Visuals are a powerful method to convey your message to your audience, helping them understand, remember, and spread your words.

    ‚¨ú Can they paint a picture in their mind of what you are saying? 
    ‚¨ú How does your body language help tell the story?
    ‚¨ú Your slide deck —  Does it complement, compete with, or confuse your message? 

Message Makers & Communication Shapers include:

  • Writers
  • Speakers
  • Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Students

Developing your visual communication skills takes your message from muddled to masterful. 

Ready to learn more? 

The Beginner's Blueprint teaches you the key overcoming the common mental pitfalls we all face: Visual Thinking.

In this free educational email course, Brandy Agerbeck maps out 5 challenging areas of life, Each day she shares the visual thinking solutions to tackle each one. 

If you're a Message Maker, Day 4 is especially for you.  

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