Visual Thinking for Learning & Teaching

I'm curious and love to learn but I struggle with traditional education.

Yearn to learn, but new ideas just won’t stick?

Does your Inner Critic call you stupid, but you know they’re not right.

Still, learning slips through your fingers; old-school rote learning is NOT working for you.

Right now, your fingers may be flying taking notes. But looking back over them – you didn’t grasp what was important.

High effort with poor results sucks.

Your fire for learning is dimming.

You need to find what works before you lose your light completely.

If this rings a bell, you sound like a...

Mess Wranglers & Complexity Tacklers

You are motivated by the pursuit of knowledge and skill building.

Making what we learn and what we teach tangible and concrete boosts our focus and retention.

Like our old buddies, flash cards. 

But did you know visual tools help us throughout Bloom’s Taxonomy?

Far beyond and far more fun than  learning by rote.

Becoming a stronger visual thinker, makes you a stronger analyst, synthesizer, creator.

Making drawings to make true meaning for yourself.
And make your learning and teaching stick. 

Knowledge Seekers & Lifelong Learners include:

  • Students
  • Educators
  • Librarians
  • Trainers
  • Learning Professionals

Adding visual thinking to your learning tools, takes you from from cramming to grasping.  

Ready to learn more? 

The Beginner's Blueprint teaches you the key overcoming the common mental pitfalls we all face: Visual Thinking.

In this free educational email course, Brandy Agerbeck maps out 5 challenging areas of life, Each day she shares the visual thinking solutions to tackle each one. 

If you're a Life Shaper, you'll love both Day 1 and Day 5. 

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