Visual Thinking for Personal Work & Productivity 

I need ways to process my experiences and envision what's next. 

Are you a stifled Big Picture Thinker? 

Not a linear thinker, instead you are constantly making connections and seeing patterns.

Others may see you as scattered, but really the wheels are turning in your head.

Those wheels are fast. 

Your mind’s eye is sharp—the struggle is getting your mental pictures OUT of your head and INTO the world.

Scolded for daydreaming, you feel misunderstood and not valued.

On a good day, you brush off your frustrations. Your brain may feel like a buckin' bronco, but it is mighty powerful. 

On a bad day, you are defeated by the untapped insights.

Feel Familiar? If so, you may be a...

Life Shapers & Action Takers

You are motivated by self-awareness, growth and accomplishment.

Visual thinking is a great skill set for both reflection and action.

ūüĎą That's why Ico holds a reflective thought in his right hand, as his left arrow arm points towards the future. 

Visual thinking for your own development and productivity could be keeping a visual journal, or mapping out a difficult relationship, planning a project, or just doing a visual brain dump to empty some space in your brain. 

By making a drawing, you can:

  • Reflect on the distant or recent past, proceswing your experience
  • Take stock of where you currently are
  • Create a safe place to put your inner thoughts and desires
  • Tap into your intuition and see what new insights emerge when your brain doesn't feel like a bee swarm. 
  • Notice physical sensations as you draw — are you feeling tense, or did that new idea just give you the good kind of chills?
  • Envision your ideal future state
  • Draw out your plan to get from here to there

Life Shapers & Action Takers include:

  • High achievers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Bullet Journalers

Building your visualization skills
will take you 
from scattered to synthesized.

Ready to learn more? 

The Beginner's Blueprint teaches you the key overcoming the common mental pitfalls we all face: Visual Thinking.

In this free educational email course, Brandy Agerbeck maps out 5 challenging areas of life, Each day she shares the visual thinking solutions to tackle each one. 

If you're a Life Shaper, you'll love both Day 1 and Day 5. 

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