First Rate Flipcharts


If you want to make the very most of face-to-face meeting time within your organization or for your clients' organizations, you need to make First Rate Flipcharts. In this two-day workshop, Brandy Agerbeck teaches you how to transform the humble flipchart into a must-have facilitation tool. 

Whether you lead meetings and seek best practices to improve productivity, or are a facilitator looking to turn your processes into tangible visuals, or you are a visual practitioner wanting to increase your facilitation skills, you are welcome into this workshop. 

Craft the 10 crucial flipcharts that take meetings from meh to masterful.

In a Harvard Business Review study, 71% of senior managers said their meetings were unproductive and inefficient.

Learn the antidote to this lousy statistic. The humble conference room staple — the flipchart — is the key to unlocking the untapped talent of your team and making the most of your time together.



Not only does Brandy shows you step-by-step what to draw, she divulges all her best practices in how to use each one and why every single flipchart is critical to your meeting’s success.


Take the guess work out of whether your meeting time was well-spent. Your productivity is made tangible.  Increase the focus, participation and collaboration of every meeting.

Endlessly Adaptable

Ace these 10 indispensable flipcharts and adapt them to any meeting topic.

Note: This workshop is not artsy-fartsy flipcharts facelifts. These 10 proven formats are GAMECHANGERS. Spread this approach throughout your organization to change meeting culture forever.

Who this workshop is for

First Rate Flipcharts is for anyone who convenes meetings and needs to make the most of your time together. 

This workshop welcomes:

  • Those who are currently frustrated by ad hoc meetings, knowing a more systematic approach would skyrocket their productivity!
  • Facilitators, consultants, and organizational development professionals who want their clients to see unmistakable value in their meeting time together. 
  • Facilitators seeking an easy and effective way to bring more visual best practices into their process.
  • Graphic facilitators and recorders who want to increase their facilitation skills and knowledge.
  • Managers and leaders who find it hard to get their teams to meet due to poor meeting habits. 
  • High performing team members that want to make every minute of every meeting count.

Registration Fees

The First Rate Flipcharts workshop costs $1897 USD and includes: 

  • Two days of instruction
  • Materials throughout workshop
  • Lunches
  • Sketchbook, markers and supply kit to keep
    — and keep using!

Workshop size is dependent on size of meeting space. 


No current dates scheduled

We'll begin at 9:00 AM each day, adjourn at 5:00 PM, and have a one-hour lunch break. 


This two-day workshop is a combination of Brandy sharing her best practices, hands-on practice, and discussion.


Not currently scheduled. If you'd like to hire Brandy to lead thistraining within your organization, you can contact her here. She can teach in the room or virtually. 

Brandy Agerbeck takes great care to cultivate learning environments of respect, safety to try, the challenges to make us all better, responsiveness and joy.


If you have any questions about this workshop and if it is right for you, please ask




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