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Meet the Clarity Clover model, a tool for reflection, problem-solving, and making meaning, with the

Life Shaper: The Gift

You are full of it.

Full of what?!

  • Thoughts, beliefs and ideas¬†
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Inner wisdom, intuition, and gut feelings
  • Physical sensations from pain to shivers of excitement
  • Piles of experiences!

When we're feeling fully present, we can flow with all these things. 

Other times, we can feel like a jumble. Or like we're carrying around far too much inside.

The Gift is a guided drawing exercise that let's you get all of your stuff out and onto a piece of paper.

  • Easy-to-follow video¬†
  • Simple materials
  • Repeatable¬†process
  • Zero drawing skills required!

What kind of gift is this?

Imagine your blank piece of paper like the top of a gift box.¬†On it,¬†you draw a bow shape ‚ÄĒ the Clarity Clover.¬†

In The Gift, Brandy Agerbeck guides you through a process where you use the four corners of "the box" and all the parts of "the bow" to think through an experience or challenge more thoroughly. 

Brandy designed this guided exercise, what she calls a "life shaper" for two reasons:

  • Give you an immediate exerperience of using visual thinking to tackle a current challenge.
  • To introduce you to¬†her¬†Clarity Clover

Once you open The Gift, and look inside yourself, you will have a mental multi-purpose tool at your fingertips. 

Let me break this third-person writing to share who I am, and why I created Clarity Clover and The Gift.

I'm Brandy Agerbeck and I teach visual thinking. Those two words may sound thinky and wonky.

It can be. ;^)

And it can be so much more. 

Visual thinking is a very learnable set of skills you use to improve all corners of your life. 

My business,, is writing books, creating courses, and designing these guided exercises to help all kinds of people add visual thinking to their mental toolbox.

Still from the December 2023 live session 

June 2023, I was designing, Lines of Thought the last in a series of deep dive visual thinking workshops. This final intensive was going to focus on how much incredible thinking you can do only writing words and drawing lines.

I drew a loopy shape. If felt AMAZING. 

But was it useful? 


Or rather, yes, after I developed it from 3 loops to 4 and tested it against a bunch of other models about learning, thinking, problem-solving, and design. 

Folks in the deep dive day found it immediately useful. 

I knew I had to keep sharing this shape, tool, model. I named it the Clarity Clover. 

Personally and professionally, 2023 was a really tough year. I knew I wasn't alone. At the end of December, I hosted a pop-up workshop, The Gifts of the Year. 

Again, the people who joined me live saw immediate progress using this shape. 

To continue to share the Clarity Clover and help you see your own immediate progress, the 90-minute session archive is now Life Shaper: The Gift.  

You can watch the first 20 minutes right now ‚ÄĒ


This visual thinking tool can help you: 

  • Reduce overwhelm

  • Sort out your thoughts

  • Reflect and get closure on a past experience

  • Tap into your intuition

  • Process emotions

  • Become more self-aware
  • Get unstuck!


Calling this "The Gift" does not mean visual thinking is magical or otherworldly. 

And Brandy gets ticked off when someone calls a hard and horrible circumstance they experienced "a gift."

No. Those hard and horrible things were and are still hard. 

They may have made you who you are, but they don't magically turn into a gift, or a blessing.  

Your perseverance, healing, and overcoming hard things absolutely deserves recognition. 

Give yourself credit for your transformation.

What makes this process a "Gift" is that this is a tool for opening up.

Discovering what is inside of you and getting it out.

Using this tool may feel uncomfortable and frustrating, or make you feel vulnerable.

You may spend this time feeling like you've made more of a mess than made meaning for yourself.

No matter what, it will always be time well-spent giving yourself the time to focus, think, and feel.

You will make progress. 

Any time you get what's in your head, heart, and body out and onto paper, you start to...

‚úĒ See



‚úĒ Solve

... your challenges. 

Shape your life one drawing at a time. 

Every Life Shaper experience: 

Carves time out and creates a safe and welcoming self-care space to reflect and explore possibilities. Set a drawing date with yourself.

Makes space to be playful and messy. Put your Inner Critic in time out. Be free to be your squishy, fuzzy, imperfect self! 

Engages your brain and heart and hands and your whole self. This process lets all of you show up: messy and tidy, thinky and feeling, uncertain and steadfast. 

Puts the power of your thinking into your own hands. Get unstuck with a temporary sketch, or get down a long-term plan of action in ink. 

Invites you to take a critical and kind look at your own Big Picture. What are the piece and how do they connect? Notice what pieces are and aren't working. 

Opens you up to discovery and magic. Your new insights and clarity will shine light on where to go next!

Using The Gift you can: 

  • Tie a bow on a recent event, time period, or chapter. Create closure for yourself.

  • Use the model to answer a question on your mind, or begin to solve a problem.¬†

    What you fit into your box and the bow's four loops is endless! 
Don't miss out on giving yourself the gift of visual thinking today.
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