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Master the foundations of visual thinking with the

Comprehensive Course

The Agerbeck Method
Your 90-day Visual Thinking Transformation


FROM: Aspiring, beginner or dabbler in visual thinking
TO: Confident visual thinker with a strong, broad foundation in spatial organization smarts and tons of concrete techniques.

Can you tell this is Brandy's signature online course on Visual Thinking?

She put her name on it. 

The Agerbeck Method is the ultimate instruction to learn visual thinking.

Built on the 24 idea shapers of her 2016 book, Brandy Agerbeck breaks down the complexity of visual thinking into instantly accessible video lessons.

Sequence is key in this course. We begin with early essentials and add more and more meaningful visual choices to your repertoire as your go. After "AgMe" your visual voice will sing! 

Invest in this course, give it time, focus and practice and you will have the indespensible skills of visual thinking for life.

Note: The Agerbeck Method is the companion course to The Idea Shapers book. This video-based course goes into demonstrations and detail the book can't, and the book is an essential reference. This course is ideal for those who like to get their hands on their learning. 


WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR: This course welcomes anyone who is ready to invest in themselves and learn the lifelong superpower of visual thinking. 

You may choose to apply your skills to your own thinking, making drawings that are your first step in making great things happen. 

You may be someone who uses visual thinking in conversation, or with groups. 

Whether you're get paid to think visually, or use it personally, all are welcome in The Agerbeck Method.

WHEN: Start now! Log in 24/7/365. Lifetime access.

Focus on a specific part of your visual thinking with

Deep Dive Courses

Shape Making

LIVE Feb. 25 | Starting with a flexible framework

Page coming soon

Meaningful Mascots

LIVE Nov. 12 | Adding life with figures + faces

Learn more

Visual Wunderkammern

Developing your
own visual voice

Learn more

Spectrum Savvy

Using color
selectively + confindently

Learn more

Vitals of Visual THINKING

LIVE Jan. 13 | Kickstarting your practice in one day

Learn more

Pyramid Power

Scaling + organizing 
your ideas

Learn more

Stack Magic

Make your thinking

Learn more

Visual Listening

Listening for spatial cues
to place ideas

Learn more

LUCID Listening

Deciding on + distilling
what's important

Learn more
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